Preparing Elementary-Aged Kids for September: Free Math and Science Review Worksheet Downloads

Preparing Elementary-Aged Kids for September: Free Math and Science Review Worksheet Downloads
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Having to relearn math at the start of September can be agony for young children. This is especially true when the teacher expects students to recall all of their skills from the previous year and the only counting a child has done all summer is how many sprinkles were on his ice cream cone!

With just one worksheet a week for the month of August, parents can give their children a quick review of essential primary level math skills that will have their minds ready and willing to jump into math and science classes in September.

Math Worksheets

Use the downloadable workbook containing four separate worksheets, each focusing on a particular skill. Start with pattern practice, which reviews number patterns as well as shape patterns.

Move on to time, with pictures of different clocks set at different hours. Have kids refresh their time telling skills, as well as how to write time correctly.

Proceed to simple subtraction of one-digit numbers. Round it all off with addition of multiple-digit numbers.

In just four worksheets and four weeks, you will have reviewed what will be covered in those first weeks of math class and will have provided your child with the skills he or she needs to succeed!

Download the Math Workbook

Science Worksheets

With moonlight on the beach, s’mores around a campfire, tents pitched for campouts at campsites and even in backyards, summer evenings are the perfect time for stargazing and catching glimpses of Venus in the twilight sky. So too, are summer nights the best time for stories about the constellations, of Orion and the Scorpion, of Cassiopeia’s crown shining in the sky, and of how to use the stars in the handle of the Big Dipper to find the North Star in the Little Dipper constellation. Stories of ancient Greece, ancient Rome and the gods and goddess are natural tales as you and your little one gaze up into the darkened summer night.

Going hand in hand with all this stargazing is the perfect opportunity for parents to reinforce some primary grade science skills, using the downloadable workbook, complete with simple science lessons. Start by having children color the planets in a variety of colors. Once that is done, you can display it on the fridge for name recognition of each planet.

Move on to counting the moons that circle each planet. Use mobile phones or tablets to help children research and label the planets.

Finally, round off the lessons with three printing practice sheets, all filled with science related terms. This, paired up with nighttime stargazing will make the science review seem more like a game than work to your little astronomer. However, you will be giving them the science review they need to succeed in school in September!

Download the Science Workbook

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