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Multicultural Lesson Plan for Middle School: All About South America

written by: Suzanne Florin • edited by: SForsyth • updated: 6/6/2012

Teach your students a lesson on South America using activities and strategies that will optimize learning. Let them discover more about the continent's culture, geography, and language as they go through a series of tasks that they will surely enjoy and learn from.

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    What is the best way to teach a lesson on South America? Let your students gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the culture, language, and geography of the countries in South America using this sample lesson plan suitable for students in grade six through eight.

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    At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

    1. Identify the countries that make up South America.

    2. Obtain information about the culture, geography, and language of South America using the internet and video clips.

    3. Demonstrate mastery in the study of South America through cooperative learning and further research on its culture, language, and geography.

    4. Summarize what they have learned about the culture and geography of South America by creating a video.

    5. Reflect on the importance of culture to a country by writing a journal entry.

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    Lesson Activities and Ideas

    466px-Map of South America Begin the lesson by presenting an interactive map so that the students will be able to identify the different countries that make up South America. Encourage them to share stories about their trips to some of the countries identified in the map. This is a good way to check their prior knowledge on the topic.

    Analysis of a Video Clip

    Surface through the geography of South America by presenting this video clip found on youtube. Ask them to take down pertinent information stated in the video clip, such as the landforms and water forms, and where they are located. Afterwards, divide the class into groups with four members. Inform them that it will be their permanent group for the rest of the activities. Check how much they have comprehended in the video by letting them discuss these questions: What were the landforms and water forms presented in the video clip? How do they affect the lives of the people, in terms of agriculture and economy? Formulate three concepts that you have grasped from the video clip. Then, ask a representative from the group to share to the class what they have discussed about.

    Research and Report Using a Video Presentation

    Let the students gain an in-depth understanding of the continent’s culture by assigning them to research on a particular country in South America. Instruct them to cover these items on their research: language, clothing, food, architecture, religion, holidays, sport, music and art. Afterwards, ask them to compile everything that they have researched by making a video (using Moviemaker) about it. They may insert background music to make their video more interesting. This video will be presented to the class, and a rubric will be used to grade their work.

    Journal Writing

    800px-2004-02-29 Ball point pen writing Provide opportunity for individual reflection on the lesson by letting them write a journal entry about the importance of culture to a country. Ask them to share their opinion on the culture that they like and dislike about their country of origin, as well as its impact to the progress of the country.

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    Assessment and Evaluation

    Check how much they have understood about the lesson by providing worksheets on South America. You may also let them visit links to take interactive games and quizzes about South America.

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    Photo Credit: WikiCommons

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