Lesson Plan Ideas: Astronomy Projects with Constellations

Astronomy can be a difficult lesson to teach if it isn’t approached the right way. Using astronomy projects to educate your students in this area is a great way to let them learn in more ways than simply reading out of a book. Use some of the projects listed below to help your students learn about astronomy.

Project Ideas

  • Help students to identify their zodiac sign, then research and find the constellation that goes with it. Ask students to draw the constellation and research to learn why the constellation is associated with that zodiac sign.
  • Ask students to find their favorite constellation, then do astronomy projects that will include making a 3-D model of the constellation. They can do this using a lampshade that places the constellations on the ceiling and wall or even by making a model of the Earth and the constellation. Bright Hub writer, Alicia Bodine has contributed several articles on how to make a model of the earth with different mediums. These include clay, paper, Styrofoam and play dough!
  • Ask students to research famous astronomers and write papers that include any famous discoveries the astronomers made.
  • Have students explore the NASA website and write an essay on one of the current projects that NASA is working on. The essay should include the name and type of the NASA project, as well as the goal for the project.
  • Ask students to research one of the planets, then plan a trip to the planet. Assume that everything they need to survive will be provided. What would they need based on the planet’s environment?
  • Ask students to explore various careers in astronomy. Have the students choose a career they would be interested in and write an essay about it. Why would they be interested in it? What kind of educational goals are involved in that career path?

Astronomy projects can range from very simple to very in-depth. Students can practice observation skills as well as research skills. Keep an eye on the sky and sign up for regular updates from NASA so that you can instruct your students on the magic happening in the cosmos! There’s plenty to see if you know where and when to look!