Review of the Top 3 Educational Algebra Software Programs You Can Use in the Classroom

Using Technology to Teach Algebra

Educational software for algebra is an excellent supplementary tool for teachers to use in their classroom or for students to use at home. Algebra is a subject that a lot of students struggle with, and those students would benefit from having any one of these great educational software programs available to them at school, or even at home.

A great way for teachers to utilize this type of software in the classroom for the benefit of all students is to take their class to the computer lab and have them work on specific tasks pertaining to what they have been learning in class. Another option for teachers is to have the software installed on the student computer in their classroom and allow students to use it in their free time, or if they are really struggling with a particular concept.

Here are reviews of the top three educational software programs available for algebra.

Algebrator (4 out of 5)

Algebrator is a very straight forward program without a lot of gimmicks. Several of educational software available today contains lots of animations and games, but what Algebrator lacks in this department it more than makes up for in its ease-of-use and ability to help students with their math.

What is unique about Algebrator is that you are able to enter any problem into the program and it will show you how to solve it step-by-step. It is like having your very own tutor there at all times to help you when you get stuck and aren’t sure what to do next when solving a problem. It is helpful for students as it isn’t just solving the problem for you, but it is providing you with an explanation so that you can solve problems like it the next time.

Algebrator covers all topics ranging from pre-algebra to college algebra and even trigonometry and statistics. All around, this is a great product that would be beneficial in the classroom and certainly help improve students math skills, but it might not keep students’ attention as well as other programs that have all of the interactive games and animations.

Math Advantage (4 out of 5)

Math Advantage is an excellent program all around that allows students to learn at their own pace and provides help for all levels of algebra, as well as geometry, trigonometry, and statistics and probability. This program uses text and animations to teach the lessons, but does not include any games.

There are 10 lessons per program that students can work through and the information is divided up in such a way that students aren’t overwhelmed. Quizzes and a variety of exercises are available to monitor progress and identify problem areas.

This would be a great program to have available in the classroom because students would be able to review lessons as needed to help them better understand topics they are struggling with. Teachers could also use this program to see how their class performs on the quizzes and lessons as a whole to identify topics they may need to touch on again in the classroom.

Math Success Deluxe (4 out of 5)

Math Success Deluxe is an engaging program that uses text and animation to teach students about pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II, in addition to other math topics. This program is set up like a textbook and has a little over 30 chapters addressing all of the algebra content, which are broken down into a series of short lessons so that students don’t become overwhelmed by the information.

The graphics used in Math Success Deluxe are more appealing than the other software programs mentioned and it comes with free access to, but I believe you are only given 30 minutes with a tutor which won’t help students that much in the end. Students would be able to use this program with ease and I am sure that teachers would be able to utilize this program in their classroom to help students that are struggling.



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