Middle School Summer Art Project: Mixed Media Fruit and Vegetable Painting

Middle School Summer Art Project: Mixed Media Fruit and Vegetable Painting
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Students will make fruit and vegetable-themed mixed media paintings with an emphasis on pattern and color.


  • Thick paper or cardstock
  • Acrylic or tempera paint
  • Brushes
  • Textured paper towels with a visible pattern
  • Thick paper
  • Oil or chalk pastel
  • Fruits and vegetables to use as reference if needed
  • Paint boards and tape
  • Glue or matte medium

Lesson Procedure

Step One: Students will collect fruits and vegetables and arrange them into a still life composition or  select a piece or two as inspiration for a graphic design. Students will decide on a basic color scheme for their paintings, focusing on bright, contrasting colors (if needed, students can use a color wheel to choose complementary colors).

Step Two: Students will choose a background color for their paintings and apply a thick, even coat of paint to their papers. Immediately after applying paint, students will lay the textured paper towels flat onto the painted surface, evenly smoothing them out with a gentle touch. Students will then carefully lift the paper towels from the paint, which will leave a textured pattern behind on the paper. Paintings need to be set aside and allowed to dry completely.

Step Three: While the background paint is drying, students can paint and cut out their fruits and vegetables. For added visual interest, students can use a paper towel with different texture and repeat the paper towel and paint process on a separate piece of thick paper for the fruit and vegetable cutouts.

Step Four: Students will arrange and glue their fruits and vegetables onto the patterned backgrounds, allowing them to dry before adding any desired highlights or details to the paintings.


None needed.


Frame and hang the painting in the kitchen!