Alexander The Great WebQuest Assignments for Students

Alexander the Great was a Macedonian who was, and still is, considered a military genius. Alexander did more than vanquish his conquests, however; politically astute, he often embraced their cultures while introducing Greek culture to their societies.



Begin your WebQuest by learning some basic facts about Alexander the Great. As you read these questions and answers about Alexander pick five mentioned locations that interest you. (i.e. Susa, Babylon, Suwa, Macedon, Granicus) Write each location down on a sheet of paper and leave room between them for notes. There are two parts to the assignment in this WebQuest on Alexander the Great. Part one is an analytical writing assignment in which you will need to explain the significance of these places and any events involving Alexander the Great.


Continue to learn more about Alexander by reading the following:

  1. Who was Alexander the Great?
  2. Alexander the Great Lesson Plan and Background Information
  3. Historic Figures at

As you read, take detailed notes on your five locations and the historical event or events that took place at each. Include information about the significance of these episodes to the conquests of Alexander the Great, the expansion of his empire, and his legend, or life. Remember to record the date and all of the historical figures involved in any events that took place at each location. (Change your location choices if you find the reading has piqued an interest in different places and the events.)


Part One

For each of your five chosen locations, explain in detail the event or events that occurred there and their historical significance. As you do so consider the following:

  1. Did this episode help to expand Alexander the Great’s empire? If so, how?
  2. What did the event or events reveal about Alexander’s character? Did his behavior demonstrate a positive or negative trait? Explain your answer.
  3. Can you see the use of propaganda in these events? Do you think this use of propaganda was deliberate on Alexander’s part, or is it more of an historical interpretation?
  4. How did Alexander’s presence at this place alter world history?
  5. How did Alexander’s actions at the specific location impact his own life?
  6. Who else was instrumental to the events at this spot?

Part Two

After you have completed part one of the assignment, download and print a blank PDF map of Alexander the Great’s empire. Find a web address for blank maps in the Resources section below.

Carefully watch an animated map of Alexander the Great’s conquests and the spread of his empire at McGraw Hill’s Online Learning center. (See Resources below.) Then, mark and name your chosen sites on the blank map and indicate the year Alexander the Great traveled to each place.

Evaluation / Assessment

Credit will be given for accuracy, analysis, good spelling and grammar. A rubric explaining how student work will be assessed can be downloaded in the Media Gallery.



  1. Answers to Questions about Alexander The Great
  2. Who was Alexander the Great?
  3. Alexander the Great Lesson Plan and Background Information
  4. Historic Figures at


  1. Animated Map-
  2. Blank Map-


  • Wood, Michael. In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great. University of California Press, 1997.