Inspire Your Class: Creativity Inspiration Techniques & Activities

Make a List of Dreams

Getting students to think about what inspires them and charges them up to take action to plan their future is an important task for the latter years of high school. Ask the students to make a list of ten dreams they have for their life. The dreams may involve career, life issues, love, travel, adventure, achievements, or any other dreams they have (that are appropriate for school).

Role Models & Places of Interest

Ask students to make a list of five to 10 people they admire who have achieved career success or success in other areas of life. Tell students to find articles about these people and read at least two articles about each person.

Have students do Internet research about countries of interest. They should print out the best articles about places that intrigue them.

Find Articles about Experiences of Interest

If a student wishes to take up a certain hobby, for instance mountain climbing or yoga, it is helpful to read articles about the topic. Then place the article in the inspiration folder to remember that this activity will be a priority in the personal life and planning must be done to ensure that time is found to eventually.

Make a Collage of Words to Describe Goals

Instruct the class to use art programs on the computers to make graphics of words that describe their goals. After they have printed out at least 10-15 words, make a collage out of the words and sign and date it.

Make a List of Words that Make You Smile

Go through magazines and newspapers to find words in headlines that make you smile. Pick words that somehow relate to your life. Tape the words to a piece of paper in list format.

Extra Credit & Evaluation

This lesson is a great chance to give students a chance to earn a few extra credit points. Tell the class if they go to the front of the room and discuss their favorite piece in the folder they will earn some extra credit. Tell them to be specific and to describe why they like a certain item.

To evaluate this lesson, collect and grade the inspiration folders. Check that all components of the lesson were completed. Grade the assignments on adherence to the instructions and focus on the purpose of the project.