English Lesson: Students Can Create a Poem About Grandparents as a Gift for Grandparents' Day

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Grandparents’ Day Falls in September

Celebrating family is very important for teenagers.The holiday Grandparents’ Day in September gives teens a chance to use their creativity. Most students will enjoy creating a gift of their writing for their grandparents.

Help students build their writing skills by discussing the use of imagery and vivid language in the poems and songs they will create. Start this lesson by discussing examples of poems and songs with strong language and vivid imagery.

Your Students’ Assignment

Internet Research

Give students time to go on the computers for Internet research about poems on family topics. Have students do a Google search to find poems about grandparents. Discuss various poetry styles with them before they create their own poems.

Learn about Imagery

Review the definition of imagery with students. Give examples from well known poems to help students understand how imagery is used. Ask students if they have any questions about the use of imagery.

Next, put five examples of imagery from poems up on the chalkboard. Ask students to sit in groups; each group should create at least five examples of imagery that relates to family life.

After the class has had adequate writing time, ask volunteers from each group to share their phrases containing imagery with the class. Discuss the examples and give each group time to share their work with the class.

Review the Use of Similes

Discuss the definition of a simile. Read poems to the class that use examples of similes. Ask students if they have any questions about the use of similes.

Next discuss as a class examples of similes used in songs and poems. Give out handouts with at least five examples of similes. Then ask students to create five similes each that they could use in a poem to grandparents. When students have had at least seven minutes to write, ask volunteers to share one of their similes with the class.

Guidelines for the Poem or Song

Put instructions to create a poem or song in tribute to grandparents up on the chalkboard. The poem must be at least 25 lines long. It must contain vivid language and at least three examples of imagery and two similes.

Let students work in groups to brainstorm ideas and write their poems or songs. Working in groups will make it easier for students to obtain a peer review of the first draft of their writing. As students start to write, put the definition of a simile up on the chalkboard.

Art Supplies

Provide poster board, glue, and scissors for students who would like to make an artistic presentation of their poem.Students may glue the poem onto the poster board and add photos, art, or designs to make a nice gift for a grandparent.

Project Assessment

Assess how successfully students are using imagery and vivid language in poems and songs by grading poems per the writing instructions given to students. Check that they have used at least two similes and three examples of imagery. The poem must be at least 25 lines in length. Also grade the poem for skill in writing and use of language.