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Grammar Activities for Sixth Grade Students

written by: Kellie Hayden • edited by: Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch • updated: 9/11/2012

Instead of the usual paper and pencil grammar activities, try this game. This grammar activity for sixth graders focuses on common word usage problems.

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    Grammar Usage Games

    The grammar activities, sixth grade level, can be dull. Almost any grammar activity can be turned in to a game. Students will practice word usage problems with this game.

    Grammar Game: Use What?

    Play a Game Instead of Completing Paper & Pencil Activities The Use What? game allows students to review common usage problems. Teachers will need to make card sets (two each) with commonly misused words:

    • affect, effects
    • sit, set
    • lie, lay
    • may, can
    • accept, except
    • to, too, two
    • capitol, capital
    • principle, principal
    • between, among
    • their, there, they're
    • its, it's

    Usage Game Rules

    After the cards are made, teachers can have students play the game a couple of different ways. Two contestants can be chosen from the class. The one with the most points wins.

    Or, the class can be split into two teams. Each member of the team should take a turn answering a question.

    Set up the Game

    To set up the room, teachers can place two desks or two tables facing the teacher and the rest of the class. If the teacher places students in teams, the students should sit in teams.

    On each of the tables, a set of cards should be placed. The student needs to pick a card and hold the card facing the teacher and audience and not the other contestant when answering questions.

    Begin Use What?

    Host Introduction: Students, we are playing Use What? I will read a sentence. You must choose the correct card from the pile of cards on the table in front of you to make the sentence correct. One point will be given for each correct answer. Team members will take turns answering questions. The team or the contestant with the most points wins.

    Let's play Use What?

    1. Smoking can (effect, affect) the heart. ANS. affect
    2. The new school rule goes into (effect, affect) next school year. ANS. effect
    3. The terrible weather will (effect, affect) the amount of people who will attend the open house. ANS. affect
    4. Please (sit, set) the plates down on the table. ANS. set
    5. Andy (sit, set) the cushion on the chair. ANS. set
    6. Martha, go (sit, set) by your brother right now. ANS. sit
    7. I will go (lie, lay) down after I study. ANS. lie
    8. Gina, will (lie, lay) the package on the counter after her practice. ANS. lay
    9. How many hours did Grandma (lie, lay) on the floor after her fall? ANS. lie
    10. (May, Can) I go to the dance tonight? ANS. May
    11. Linda (may, can) swim faster than the rest of the team. ANS. can
    12. Everyone (accept, except) Lonnie wore a tie to the event. ANS. except
    13. Laura will (accept, except) 10 new short stories for her magazine. ANS. accept
    14. Mindy and Lana (accept, except) only vintage items in their store. ANS. accept
    15. It will be (to, too, two) late to watch a movie after we finish our game. ANS. too
    16. I need (to, too, two) glasses of milk on the table. ANS. two
    17. We are going (to, too, two) skate after lunch. ANS to
    18. In order to start our business, we need $10,000 in (capitol, capital). ANS. capital
    19. The class will travel to the state (capitol, capital) to meet the governor. ANS. capital
    20. We will start our tour at the (capitol, capital) building. ANS. capitol
    21. The grammar (principles, principals) are sometimes confusing. ANS. principle
    22. The (principle, principal) had a meeting and could not meet with the parents. ANS. principal
    23. My mother has strong (principles, principals), and I admire her. ANS. principles
    24. The dog was over (their, there, they're) on the couch. ANS. there
    25. It was (their, there, they're) choice to miss the party. ANS. their
    26. Myra and Sean had to clean (their, there, they're) rooms in order to go to the party. ANS. their
    27. If (their, there, they're) going to leave early, let me know. ANS. they're
    28. (Its, It's) too bad that it is raining today. ANS. It's
    29. The dog used (its, it's) paw to push the door open. ANS. (its)
    30. When (its, it's) raining outside, we have to find things to do inside. ANS. it's

    Once the questions have been answered, the team or contestant with the most points wins. Most students will agree that these grammar activities, sixth grade level, are more interesting than completing a worksheet to review usage problems.


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