Prefix Suffix Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Objectives for Lesson

  1. State the difference between a prefix and a suffix.
  2. Identify the prefix and suffix found in a word.
  3. Give the meaning of a word by studying the prefix and suffix used.
  4. Widen vocabulary by creating new words with prefixes or suffixes.
  5. Form meaningful sentences by using words with prefixes or suffixes.

Forming New Words with Affixes (Prefix and Suffix)

FEMA - 40000 - Centredale Elementary students receiving STEP program

Begin by presenting a spider map on the board with the word take at the center. Then, scatter all over the board pieces of paper with the syllables (and letters) par, re, mis, im, in, un, s, n, ing, ed, ly, mal. Ask students to use the appropriate syllables to produce new words with take in them. Afterwards, instruct the students to get their dictionary to check if the words are found in the dictionary, and to figure out their meaning.

Discuss the difference between a prefix and a suffix by referring to the spider map activity done previously. Then, present more words on the board and let them expand them by using a prefix or a suffix. (Sample words: love, part, name, mix).

Try These Fun Activities

After introducing the concept of prefix and suffix, engage students in several activities to deepen their understanding of the topic.

  • Word – Building

Prepare two sets of paper. One set have base words written on them, and the other set has prefixes or suffixes. Then, randomly hand each student a piece of paper. Their goal is to form a meaningful word by looking around the classroom for their partner by using the prefix, suffix, or base word found on their paper. After finding their partner, they have to sit together and come up with five new words using the prefix, and five new words by adding affixes to the base word. They may write their answer on the paper. These words are then evaluated by the class.

  • Job Wanted

With a partner, the students are tasked to deepen their knowledge of the topic by creating an advertisement poster. They have to come up with a “Job Wanted” poster and use a minimum of four prefixes and four suffixes in it. They must highlight the affixes used for easy identification. They may decorate their poster to make it attractive. This is a good way for students to express their creativity and to understand the essential traits and skills of a person in a particular job. (Example: Wanted: Science Teacher. Qualifications: cheerful, not impatient, creative).

Assessment and Evaluation

Distribute worksheets for individual assessment. As for the poster, use a rubric in evaluating the students’ work.


  • Photo Credits: WikiCommons.