Cardiovascular Teaching Tools for the Fourth Grade

Cardiovascular Teaching Tools for the Fourth Grade
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Visual Tools

You should include visual tools so that students can get a clear picture of the cardiovascular system. This will help them understand how

the cardiovascular system works. Visual aids also help students learn new material and memorize it better.

  • Diagrams of the cardiovascular system will help students understand all the parts that it is made up of. Show students the structure, vessels and the body systems that the heart controls. Also show pictures of red and white blood cells since blood pumps oxygen into the heart.

  • Pictures in books and magazines can also be effective forms of visual aid. In addition you can cover extra facts from these and provide more ways to visualize how the cardiovascular system works.

  • Replicas of the heart and the various parts that make up the cardiovascular system can help students get an accurate image of the size and shape of it. Have students take turns getting a close look at replicas of the cardiovascular system.

Tools for Enrichment

Tools for enrichment purposes should be included when teaching fourth grade. These can help students learn about the cardiovascular system in a hands-on way.

  • Cardboard can be used to recreate the first stethoscope which was made up of a long wooden tube. Pass out a paper towel roll to pairs of students and have them take turns listening to each other’s heartbeat. They simply have to place the tube over their partner’s heart and count the number of heartbeats for 30 seconds. For enrichment you can then have the students jog in place for one minute and take turns seeing the difference in their heart rates after they have engaged in cardiovascular activities.

  • Graphs can help students see where they compare to others to determine where they place. Have students break into small groups and find each other’s pulse by pressing the index finger gently on the wrist or the neck. They can record each other’s resting heart rate as well as their heart rate after they have engaged in activity.


The Internet is a very useful teaching tool for fourth grade. You can use websites for additional information, classroom activities, and to quiz students on their knowledge, You can show the children additional diagrams and pictures of the cardiovascular system.

  • is a site that shows the cardiovascular system in a way that is understandable to students. The website helps keep students interested and focused on the material by using language that is interesting to them. There are also flash cards so that kids can learn vocabulary pertaining to the cardiovascular system.

  • Dr.Saul’s Biology In Motion uses interesting colors and graphics to teach students about the cardiovascular system. In addition, to the useful information that can be found on the site there is also a helpful section of resources for teachers.

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