An Animal Adaptations WebQuest for Elementary Students

685px-Cacatua galerita -Australia Zoo, Queensland -with zoo keeper-8a

Welcome, young explorers! We are going to take on the challenge of solving the mystery on how animals live amid the danger and challenges that they go through each day. Be it life in the wild, under the sea, up in the sky, or even inside a bowl with a bunch of other creatures in it, survival of the fittest is still the name of the game. Your task, team, is to gain more understanding on how animals adapt to their environment as they live harmoniously with the rest of the world. So let’s get fired up as we explore the mystifying world of … The Animal Kingdom!


Gear up, team! As you go through the exploration process, you are expected to accomplish these simple yet challenging tasks:

1. Look through the resources and links provided so you can become more familiar about the ways on how some animals adapt to their environment;

2 Design a diorama featuring the animal’s way of adapting to its environment.


Don’t worry, team. I have provided you with essential links that can help you complete your tasks. Check out these resources and links for more information on animal adaptation:

  • Animal Encyclopedias in the library
  • National Geographic Channel’s Feature Shows about Animals’ Survival


  • Animal defenses –
  • Animal Adaptations –
  • Interactive games about animals in the wild –


STEP 1: Work by pair in this activity. For starters, you may begin the challenge by playing a quick game on animal adaptations. You may visit this link to play the game:

STEP 2: That game was something, huh? After testing your basic knowledge on the topic, it’s time to get deeper in it by gathering more information on animal adaptation. Use the links and suggested print and non-print media listed in the Resources section.

STEP 3: Create the diorama. Now put everything in 3D and design the animal’s environment, featuring the animal in the act of adapting to its environment. Be as creative and artistic as possible in designing your diorama. Brainstorm brilliant ideas with your partner.


A rubric is provided to serve as the basis on how your diorama will be graded.


Consider yourselves top-notch explorers. Here’s your very own Animal Genius Badge! You have gained some expertise in the area of animal adaptations by completing this WebQuest, and you should be proud of what you have accomplished. I hope to work with you again in our next mission!


  • Animal Adaptations Game:
  • Photo courtesy of WikiCommons