Integer WebQuest for Elementary Students

Integer WebQuest for Elementary Students
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Math Ain’t So Bad!



Sometimes, math may seem harder because of the words used to describe numbers. Then, when you learn the vocabulary, you find that the concepts are much easier than you thought. Integers are one of those cases. In this integer webquest, you will learn the definition and properties of integers.


You will demonstrate what you have learned with this integer webquest by combining a number line and a timeline. You need to choose at least 20 events in the history of your family; you may include some news reports or current events, but at least 15 of the events must be related specifically to your family and you will need to tie the larger events to your family. For example, if you choose Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, you might describe your family watching the event on their new television. In addition, at least five of the events must be from years before you were born; consider family birth dates, weddings, and other celebrations.

You will also write journal entries about the definition of integers and their absolute value.


Before you begin, be sure to read the rubric carefully, so you can be sure you earn the highest possible points.

First, choose the events that you will include in your project. Remember that 20 events is the minimum; you may add more, if you choose. Make a list of the events and the years in which they occurred.

Next, use the websites below to understand what integers are and how they work on the number line. In your math journal, write a paragraph explaining what integers are; be sure to include a number line to show some examples. Write another paragraph explaining the absolute value of integers, with some examples.

Teach This Worksheet: Integers

Fact Monsters: Integers

Interactive Mathematics: Integers

Your next step is to make a number line on a sheet of newsprint or butcher paper. Since you will be adding a lot of information to the line, make it at least 1 yard long and 2 feet wide. You will write the integers under the line. Mark zero at the center of the line

Add your birthday above the line, at the zero point on the line. Draw a picture or add a photograph, and write a sentence or two describing the event. You could include where you were born, your birth measurements, or anything else you think is interesting about the day.

Add the rest of the events to the timeline. Events before your birth will be on the negative side of zero; the integer will match the number of years (absolute value) from your birthday. Events after you were born will be on the positive side of the number line. Each event needs an illustration and a short description.

Be sure to label every event and to include both an illustration and a text description. Check to be sure that the integers on your number line are correct.

Find the assessment rubric that you can download right here.

When you’ve completed this integer webquest, you’ll be ready to tackle the complexities of mathematics.