Webquest on the Excretory System of the Human Body: For Elementary Students

Webquest on the Excretory System of the Human Body: For Elementary Students
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What should be done when the trash bin gets full? You empty it, right? In the same way, your body needs to remove its wastes so the whole system stays clean and healthy. The group of body organs responsible for the job of eliminating body wastes is called the excretory system. Is it quite a vague concept, so far? Keep reading for a series of research, discussion, and activities that will provide you with a clearer picture of this system.


Get to know more about the “garbage collector” in our body - the excretory system. Here are the things that you need to accomplish in this WebQuest:

1. Familiarize yourself with the human excretory system;

2. Create a 3D model of the urinary system;

3. Present to the class a PowerPoint presentation about the excretory system. Don’t forget to include the skin, which allows sweat to leave the body; the kidneys, which handle urinary output, and the lungs, which release carbon dioxide.


Browse through these links to acquire information about the excretory system:

Group Learning Activity


STEP 1: Work with a partner in this activity. Gather all essential information about the excretory system. Click on the relevant links found in the Resources section.

STEP 2: Create a model of the urinary system using the diagram found in the link. You may use a variety of materials, such as cardboard, plastic straws, clay, and so on. Be creative and resourceful.

STEP 3: Make a PowerPoint presentation about the excretory system.

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Before you begin, you should know that your work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

A. Urinary System 3D Model:

1. Visual appeal

2. Creativity and artistry

3. Durability of the materials used

B. PowerPoint Presentation

1. Content

2. Accuracy of the information

3. Creativity and resourcefulness

You will be given a quiz about the functions of the organs found in the excretory system. To prepare yourself for the quiz, you may answer this quiz on excretory system.


Congratulations! Way to go! You have successfully completed the tasks in this Excretory WebQuest. You are well on your way to becoming an expert on this topic.

Now you have a chance to earn some extra credit by answer these questions as closure to the activities and the information that you have gotten in this WebQuest: What is the importance of the excretory system? How can you care for the organs in this particular system? How does dialysis help the body for people with kidney disease?