Atomic Structure WebQuest for Young Students

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Students need to understand atomic structure to study more advanced ideas in the sciences such as chemistry and physics. This atomic structure WebQuest will introduce students to atoms, molecules and elements. They will learn how atoms can be combined to form new substances. Students will be introduced to the basic vocabulary used when studying atoms and molecules.

Comic Book Task

Students will create a comic book with the hero Atomic Man. This is the first issue of what is sure to be a popular comic and the students will need to explain atomic structure to show how Atomic Man’s superpower of combining elements works. Students can work individually or in groups to illustrate an adventure where Atomic Man combines atoms at least once to create a new substance. Students can create a powerpoint presentation if preferred.

The WebQuest Questions

Divide students into pairs. Instruct students to create a comic that explains how Atomic Man is able to combine elements to create useful items when he is fighting crime. They can add characters and create a villain as desired. They will need to find the answers to the following questions and include the information in their comic. Bonus questions can be used for additional information.

Basic Questions

  1. Define atom.
  2. Define molecule.
  3. Define ion.
  4. What is a neutron?
  5. What is an electron?
  6. What charge does an electron have?
  7. What is a proton?
  8. What charge does a proton have?
  9. What is an electron shell?
  10. What is an element?
  11. What is the periodic table?
  12. Name four elements and one fact about each.
  13. What is a compound?
  14. Describe how elements combine.
  15. What elements are combined to create water?

Bonus Questions

  1. Define quark.
  2. Name the two types of bonds.
  3. How is a chemical change different from a physical change?
  4. What elements are combined to create hydrochloric acid?


This project is evaluated on a 5 point scale.

1 – Very little information included in the comic. Comic is less than one page.

2 – Some information included. Comic is at least one page long.

3 – All basic information is included. Comic is more than one page long and includes information on how Atomic Man combines at least two elements.

4 – All basic information is included with some extra information. Comic is at least two pages long and includes information on how Atomic Man combines elements.

5 – All basic information and a lot of extra information is included. Comic is at least three pages long and should show an understanding of how elements combine using two different types of bonds.

Fun Activity for Basic Knowledge

This atomic structure WebQuest will provide the students with a basic understanding of how elements combine. The comic activity allows them to use their imaginations while learning scientific basics and vocabulary. Students interested in learning more about chemical reactions can do additional research on the web or through a local science museum.