“The Stinky Cheese Man” Comprehension Lesson & Game


The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales is a wacky book that can be used to reinforce cooperative learning group work,


comparing and contrasting skills and comprehension. Plus, you can have a fun time in the process.

Use four or five copies of Stinky Cheese Man. Obtain copies from other classrooms, school library or local public library. You may want to also have on hand the copies of traditional versions of the fairy tales included in this book.

Divide your students into cooperative learning groups and give each group a book.

Assignment for the group:

1. Read the book-the group can decide who reads

2. Take notes on details-the group can decide who writes

3. In group discussion, compare and contrast the traditional version of each fairy tale and the tales in this book.

Depending upon your time restraints and the abilities of your students, you may want to do the group work in two or even three sessions.

Stinky Cheese Jeopardy!


File cards- four colors


Large board to accommodate the game


Write the point amount on one side and the clue on the other. See clues below!

Attach the cards by category in four columns with the point amount side showing.

Questions: (Answers are in parentheses)

Category: Who Said…

100-“Has anyone seen my bowling ball?” (The prince)

200-“I know a shortcut to the airport!” (Foxy Loxy)

300- “I guess I’m not a swan.” (The Really Ugly Duckling)

400- “I was just kidding.” (The frog)

500- “My, what slow feet you have.” (Little Red Running Shorts)

Category: The End! (name the story)

100- She missed the ball. (Cinderumpelstiltskin)

200- You blew it, Jack. (Jack’s Bean Problem)

300- There’s not a swan in the bunch. (The really Ugly Duckling)

400- Everyone was happy but not honest.(The Princess and the bowling ball.)

500- The Table of Contents fell and squashed everybody. (Chicken Licken)

Category: What Is…

100- a magical story of wonder and enchantment? (Fairy Tale)

200- the giant going to do to Jack? ( “grind your bones to make my bread”)

300- upside down? (The dedication page)

400- wet with frog slime? (The lips of the princess who kissed the frog)

500- growing hair? (The Rabbit)

Category: Name the Pair

100-running and growing hair (The Tortoise and the Rabbit)

200- not sleeping and not bowling (The Prince and the girl who would become a princess)

300- hopping and wiping (The frog and the princess)

400-baking and running (the old woman and the stinky cheese man)

500- baked the bread and ate the bread and a little more (The Little Red Hen and the Giant)

Final Jeopardy Question:

What is the name of the narrator? (Jack)


Now divide the students into two groups to play a comprehension game, “Stinky Cheese Jeopardy!

You may determine your rules. For example, you may have the teams go back and forth attempting to answer questions. You may want to make it more exciting by having bells or buzzers to determine who answers the question. Have a place to keep the scores for both teams.

Remember the answer must be in the form of a question just like on the actual JEOPARDY! game.

The winning team can win the grand prize…some STINKY CHEESE!