Bunnicula Literature Unit - Ideas for Older Elementary Students

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PreReading Activities

Before the class begins to read the novel “Bunnicula” it is important to introduce prereading activities to students. This will help the children comprehend the story more easily.

- Vocabulary

  • Introduce vocabulary words from the book “Bunnicula” that may be challenging for students.
  • Have students define the terms and write a sentence for each word to show that they understand the word.


  • Make a KWL chart for Dracula.
  • Write the name Dracula on top and underneath make three columns.
  • Put a “K” above the first column, a “W” above the middle column and an “L” above the last one.
  • Find out what the students know about the infamous vampire and fill it in under the letter “K”.
  • Next, find out what they would like to learn about the vampire and write the in the column under the “W”.
  • After reading the story present the chart to students again and have them tell you what they learned and fill that in under the column marked “L”.

- Themes

  • Discuss family and pets with students which are themes that the children will encounter as they read the novel “Bunnicula”.

Language Arts

The book “Bunnicula” is about a pet who is believed to be part bunny and part vampire. Students can create their own character by choosing an animal and a monster and combining them. Children can draw a picture of their character. Help students brainstorm ideas for a story about their character. Work with the children to help them formulate a short story. Students can take turns acting out their stories.

In the story ‘Bunnicula" Chester the cat likes to read Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens. Introduce students to these famous authors and read some of their writing in the classroom. Add the author’s literature to the classroom library so that children can read their short stories and poems.


Have students create a collage about the book “Bunnicula”. Pass out magazines and ask them to find pictures about pets, family, vampires, mystery and friendship. You may need to pass out a few different types of magazines so students will have more options to use for their collage.


In the book “Bunnicula” Harold the dog and Chester the cat have discussions about whether the new pet bunny is a vampire or not. Chester believes that the bunny has fangs but Harold mentions that dogs have canine teeth which may appear to be fangs. Have students investigate whether canine teeth are the same as fangs. Pass out materials on canines and vampire fangs and have them look through them.

Social Studies

Have students find out more about Dracula by passing out material about him to the students. Ask them if Dracula was real or a legend and what is scary about the infamous vampire. Add vampire stories to your classroom library so students can read more about them.

In the story “Bunnicula” the pet bunny is left alone in a movie theater with a note saying to take care of it. Provide information about abandoned pets and ask them what can be done to change this.