Interactive Winnie the Pooh Lesson Plans

Interactive Winnie the Pooh Lesson Plans
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Drama Circle

Gather your students in a circle on your carpet area. They should have with them their Winnie the Pooh books. Start by asking the students about their favorite characters from the book. As they share their favorite Pooh characters, show the circle the puppets representing each character, and have the puppets interact with those who chose them as favorites. The puppets will now “ask” the students why they chose them to be their favorite characters. Carry on with this interaction until everyone has talked to their Pooh character.


In the same circle, excite the students to leaf through the book and look for their favorite lines by any Pooh character. Very quickly, have the students read out loud what their favorite lines are. Once everyone is done, tell the students that you will sing a song. While you are singing a song, the students are to think of ways on how to say their favorite lines with emotion depending on which character in the book says the line. After you finish singing a song, the students now deliver their lines one by one. Do different kinds of claps after each delivery to affirm the students.

Smartboard Crossword

Project a very simple crossword puzzle that features the main characters in Winnie the Pooh. Call out volunteers to answer a row or a column using colorful markers. Once a student writes the correct answer, s/he gets to tap an image of that character on the right side of the puzzle. The tap activates the picture to do an animated dance. Prepare enough puzzles so that everyone gets a chance to go to the Smartboard and activate the animated pictures.


Divide the class into three groups. For this game, the teacher gives a situation that the three groups should portray. Three examples are:

- Pooh gobbling up honey

- Pooh playing with friends

- Pooh and Tigger on an adventure

After each round of charades, project on your Smartboard a scene portraying the situation you just gave to give the students more ideas on what they could have done for their own version.

Pooh Mail

During their writing laboratory time, tell the students that it is time to write letters to their favorite Pooh characters. Imagine that a delivery goose just dropped by your classroom to deliver letters for Winnie the Pooh and his friends. On colored papers and using coloring materials, the students are to scribble their personalized letters to the character of their choice. Tell the students to be creative in designing their letters so that Pooh and friends would love to hear from them more often. After everyone is done, ask the students to drop their letters on the mailbox at the back of a goose that you made beforehand.

Central to creating Winnie the Pooh lesson plans is to prioritize student-centered activities that will stimulate and hold the interest of the students about a topic.