Stellaluna Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Pre-Reading Activities

Before beginning your activities, make a KWL chart for bats. Under the letter “K,” write down what the students already know about bats. Then, under the letter “W,” write down what students would like to know about bats. Wait until you have read the story and find out what students have learned about bats.

Another way to find out what students know about bats is to make a word web using the word “bats”. Write the word on the center of the board. Have students raise their hand with things they know about bats. After reading the story have children add new information to the word web.

Show students the cover of the book Stellaluna. Ask the children if the bat on the cover fits their own image of bats. Find out what their previous conceptions of bats were and how the main character of this story changes that.

Post Reading Ideas

Make a compare and contrast chart on bats and birds. Have students raise their hands and tell what the differences between bats and birds are. Next, ask students to raise their hands and tell what the similarities between bats and birds are.

Take out your KWL chart and ask the students what they have learned about bats. Next, fill in the information under the “L” on the chart.

Add information to your bat word web. Write additional information the students would like to add on the board.

Have the class make their own bats by tracing a bat stencil onto grey or black construction paper. Have the students decorate their bats with silver glitter paints and add two googly eyes. Make a hole with a hole puncher at the top off the bat. Hang the bats up from the classroom ceiling.


Make a cloze reading worksheet by writing sentences from the book Stellaluna and leaving some keywords out. It may be easier to write the missing words on the bottom of the worksheet and have students figure out what word should go in each sentence. This assignment can be completed by students independently, in groups or as a whole class activity.

Have students work in pairs to tell stories about animals that they normally think of as scary. For example, children can make up a story about snakes and have the main character be friendly and lovable. Afterward, have the students make their own book about the characters they invented. First, have the children draw pictures for their book. Then go around and help students write short sentences under the pictures they created


Have students learn additional information about bats. Read other books and materials about these animals. Teach students about the life cycle of bats. There are many worksheets that can be found online. It is easy to create your own worksheets about bats, as well. Just be creative, informative and add some fun learning activities to your worksheets.

If you have additional fun and creative Stellaluna activities, please share them below. As always, your comments are appreciated.