Palindromes For Kids


Reading Mom and Dad are Palindromes by Mark Shulman and Adam McCauley to your class is a great way to begin a lesson about palindromes for kids.

Although it is a picture book, it can certainly grab the attention of students in higher-grade levels, especially if the teacher reads it with an exaggerated flair!

When BOB, the main character, feels surrounded by palindromes he runs to Mom and Dad for help. But, O NO…MOM and DAD are palindromes, too! And his SIS, ANNA!

Be a Listening Detective!


Use the following sentences for your lesson on palindromes for kids. Ask students to close each EYE and listen carefully. Raise hands and say "AH,HA!" when you think you have discovered a palindrome. As students guess, write the palindrome on the board for the visual learners.

1.Give the books to HANNAH and Beth.

2.MAMA was cooking pizza for dinner.

3. “WOW! You mowed the lawn,” said PAPA.

4. Our family went to a show at the CIVIC center.

5. The football field is LEVEL.

6. EVE and ANNA sang SOLOS to try out for the school choir.

7.Ah ha! I will REFER to this book when I give my report.

8.In the parade, there was a float that showed A SANTA AT NASA.

9. Can there ever be a number that is NEVER ODD OR EVEN?

10. DAD floated down the river in a KAYAK.

11. ADAM and EVE ate an apple.

12. MOM took the PUP to the vet.

13. We had a party when we got the DEED for the house.

14. I heard the balloon POP and it caught my EYE!

15. The RACECAR driver will TOOT the horn in the final lap.

Let’s Draw!

Next in the palindromes for kids’ lesson you may chose between two different picture activities. List as many palindromes as you can on the board:

Mom, Dad, Tot, Sis, Bob, Papa, Mama,Wow, kayak, Eve, Adam, rotor, solos, civic, race car, madam, level, pop, deed, nun, radar, a mall llama, star rats,

1. Make a picture dictionary of some of your favorite palindromes

2. Draw a scene (one whole picture) that includes as many palindromes as you can.

Extra Added Attractions!

The activities for palindromes for kids could include the investigation of a claim made by the authors of Mom and Dad are Palindromes. The cover of the book says,"More than 101 palindromes hidden inside." If you have access to extra copies of this book, you can divide students into groups to see which group finds the most palindromes. A fun search!

Have students "invent" their own palindrome and the definition of it. Make them outrageous, creative yet believable! Present words to the class.

These palindromes for kids will make your lessons POP!