Two Math Activities – Plus a Brain Teaser – to Make the Christmas Season Fun For Your Grade School Class

Math Continues as Christmas Approaches

These Christmas math activities were created to help classrooms create decorations for their rooms while practicing their math skills. Follow the instructions below to do one or all of these math activities.

Odds and Evens

Have students practice their odds and evens by doing this math activity. They will also be practicing their knowledge of shapes.To do this activity you will need; A variety of construction paper (including green), scissors and glue.

  • Ask students to cut 36 triangles out of green construction paper. These triangles should have sides measuring about 1-1/2 inches.
  • Using a different color of construction paper, ask students to glue the triangles on the paper in such a way that the top of the paper should have one triangle, the next row 3 and so on until the last row has 11 triangles on it. They will be making a Christmas tree out of only odd-numbered rows.
  • Now ask students to cut out 20 circles of different colors. The colors should be done in even sets, for instance, 2 blue, 4 red and so on.
  • Ask students to glue the decorations on the tree.
  • Now ask students to cut an odd number of "presents" in the form of squares and rectangles to put at the bottom of the tree.
  • Hang the papers around the room as decorations after discussing even and odd numbers with your students.

Starlight Star-Bright

Ask your students the following riddle before handing out yellow construction paper, glue and glitter for them to make stars to decorate the room.

Farmer John was very excited about Christmas. He was so excited, in fact, that everything he did on his farm represented something about Christmas. He planted 10 Christmas trees in an unusual way. He planted his trees in such a way that every row had four trees in it and he had five rows. Can you guess how he did this? (The answer is that he planted them in the shape of a five-pointed star.)

Chain Patterns

Help your students practice their patterns by making chains for Christmas decorations. For this project you will need 3 different colors of construction paper, scissors and glue. Follow the instructions below to create these chains.

  • Give each student 3 colors of construction paper, a pair of scissors and glue.
  • Ask students to cut 5 strips of each color of construction paper. Students can do this by using one sheet for each color and marking the length of the paper to separate it into five sections, then cutting across the sections.
  • Have students create links for their chains by gluing one end to the other in each of the strips. As they do this, they should make the same pattern throughout the chain and connect the links together.
  • Decorate the classroom with the chains!

A great way to do these Christmas math activities is to play some Christmas music in the background and serve some Christmas snacks as the children work. This is sure to get them in the holiday mood!