Ladybug Anatomy: Science Lesson

Ladybug Anatomy: Science Lesson
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Start the elementary science lesson by introducing ladybugs to the students. Read Ladybugs: Red, Fiery, and Bright by Mia Posada. This book will be used in conjunction with the fast facts, activities,and worksheets which are inlcuded with this lesson.

Fast Facts:

Common names for Ladybugs: Ladybird, Ladybeetle


  • Kingdom-Animalia
  • Phylum-Arthropoda
  • Class-Insecta
  • Order-Coleoptera
  • Family-Coccinellidae
  • Genus-Hippodamia

Life Cycle: Metamorphosis

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult
  • Ladybug lifespan lasts for approximately three weeks

Insect vs. Beetle:

  • The ladybug is a beetle, which is a type of insect.
  • Beetles use their mouths to chew and insects use their mouths to suck

The Hunter:

  • Ladybugs are predators because they hunt for food
  • They eat small green insects called Aphids

Parts of a Ladybug

Ladybug Body Parts:

  1. Head: The head is a round shape and it includes the mouth, eyes, and antenna.

  2. Eye: The lady bug can not see very well but does have two eyes. They can not see in color.

  3. Antenna: This is used to help the ladybug smell, taste, and feel it’s way around.

  4. Spot:Not every Ladybug has spots. Some are red with black spots.

  5. Legs:Six legs; helps the ladybug to move and also helps to smell. If a predator tries to capture the ladybug the ladybug will react by having a poison seep out of the legs.

  6. Pronotum: Covering which helps protect the head.

  7. Elytra: Wing covers which can come in a vareiey of colors including red, orange, or yellow.

  8. Thorax and Abdomen: Legs and wings attached to this section. This section is very important as it houses the ladybug’s digestive system, reproductive system, and the poison which seeps out if the ladybug is attacked.

Distribute copies of diagrams or have students create their own ladybug crafts…then label the body parts.

Math with Ladybugs

Have the students complete the math worksheet below.

Ladybug Math


Below is a worksheet which contains important words which the students learned during the lesson. Have students complete the worksheet by unscrambling the words.


  1. Thorax
  2. Antenna
  3. Wings
  4. Aphids
  5. Spots
  6. Pronotum
  7. Elytra
  8. Beetle
  9. Predator
  10. Genus

Bonus: Ladybird


Ladybug Worksheet

After the Lesson

After the Lesson the students will have learned about ladybugs,including their anatomy, classification, and common names.