It Looked Like Spilt Milk Lesson Plan Ideas

“Sometimes it Looked Like Spilt Milk”

This is an adorable picture book with an easy to recognize pattern. It’s perfect for a kindergarten or first grade class This book can be used in conjunction with a springtime, kites/wind, or clouds unit with great results. The kids will quickly begin to recognize the repeated pattern of “Sometimes it looked like a _______, but it wasn’t a _____.” This pattern is repeated throughout the book as cloud pictures change from one to the next. Great for inspiring the imagination, It Looked Like Spilt Milk is sure to have a place in your classroom. Here are some lesson plans to help you.

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Cooking Activity: “Clouds in the Sky”

You’ll Need:

  • Berry blue jello, already made (sugar free is available)
  • Cool Whip
  • Plastic spoons
  • Small disposable bowls or clear cups

This is a fun little cooking activity to go along with It Looked Like Spilt Milk. Have the students spoon the berry blue jello into their bowl or cup. This jello is a beautiful crystal clear blue that looks just like a springtime sky. Next, the students will spoon some Cool Whip (clouds) over their jello. (sky) Have the students discuss what their “clouds” look like in their “sky”. This is just a fun snack activity to spark childhood imaginations.

Clouds and Wind Science Fun

Discuss the fact that wind is moving air. Talk about how wind moves the clouds and changes their shape. Go outside to look at the clouds. You’ll want to choose a day when the sky is blue with puffy cumulus clouds throughout the sky for best results. There should be some wind blowing so that the clouds are moving. Bring beach towels with you or spread out some large blankets. Kids can lie down and gaze up at the clouds. Talk about what is seen. Ask questions like: Are the clouds moving? What is causing the clouds to move? Do you see any fun shapes? Are the clouds changing shape? Explain that the clouds are moving and changing shape because the wind is blowing them in the sky. Review the fact that wind is moving air.

Create A Classroom Book

Make a class big book of your own. Read It Looked Like Spilt Milk. Next, give each child a large piece of blue construction paper. The students will use white tempera paint mixed with water and dish washing liquid. Simply spoon a few tablespoons powdered or premixed white tempera paint into a small disposable bowl. Add a small squirt of dish washing liquid and a little water.

This makes a bubbly mixture that appears really cloud-like. The students will paint a cloud shape on their construction paper. Tell the students to make a picture of something of their own choice. Kids will finger paint or sponge paint the cloud picture onto the paper. Either will make a good cloud picture. Have the student write the following sentence on the bottom of the paper: “Sometimes it looked like a______.”

They will fill in the blank with whatever they chose to paint on their picture. The teacher can assist in the writing, depending upon age and ability level. Underneath the sentence, write, “But it wasn’t a ____.” Fill in the blank with the object that was painted. Put the pages together and read your own version of the story.