Galore Park's Latin Prep: Perfect for Teaching Kids Secular Latin

Galore Park's Latin Prep:  Perfect for Teaching Kids Secular Latin
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Galore Park’s Series

Galore Park’s Latin Prep series is gaining in popularity. This series, by the creators of “So You Want to Learn Latin,” focuses on the

humorous side of learning Latin. This makes Latin Prep a great option for those students who find Prima Latina too Christian or too boring. The program begins at the beginning, but does not skimp on grammar. In fact, the complete three-volume set takes students approximately from the fifth grade to the eighth grade level in Latin. To purchase book one, the two book one workbooks, and the answer key, it will run you only $42.00. You can possibly get these items for less if you purchase them separately on Amazon.

Why Should You be Interested?

Latin Prep is one of the most thorough Latin for children programs available. This program is written on an upper elementary school level. The textbook includes texts and comprehension questions to show students how Latin can be used in context. It starts off right off the bat by introducing grammar concepts in conjunction with vocabulary lists. Rather than have students answer irrelevant questions, students are expected to translate phrases into their English counterparts. In other exercises, students practice their new knowledge by translating the English phrases into the Latin. Students who pick up languages quickly could finish the program in a year. Those who take longer to grasp grammar and language concepts can take two years. There are two workbooks and a student could use one each year.

Also beneficial is that the book does not assume knowledge of Latin on the part of the instructor. It thoroughly explains each concept, why the rule is the way it is, and provides exercises for practice. An answer key is also available for this book. This makes checking the student’s work and extra practice with vocabulary and grammar rules simple. Purchasing these additional materials is highly recommended.

The three book series will take a student through all of the Latin that is generally taught in the UK as a preparation for the Common Entrance Exam. Topics in book one include 1st and 2nd declension, nominative and dative cases, and 1st-4th conjugations in addition to vocabulary. The student may want to purchase a Latin-English dictionary like Cassell’s in conjunction with the vocabulary dictionary at the end of the book. Latin Prep Book 2 includes 3rd declension, future tense, pluperfect, and transitive. Latin Prep Book 3 includes information on moods (subjunctive, indicative, imperative), 4th and 5th declensions, and lots of translation and reading practice. A student completing all three books will be well prepared for Wheelock’s Latin, Cambridge Latin, or Henle Latin.


Overall, Galore Park’s Latin prep series comes highly recommended. Not only is it a fun program, but it is very thorough. If you want to give your students a firm grasp of Latin Grammar and vocabulary, while using a secular textbook, this program is the best around.