Useful Phrases to Help You Speak Spanish at Work

Where Is…?

You need to be able to send or take customers to the right place if they are unfamiliar with the location. They will probably need to know, for example:

Where is (the)…? – ¿Dondé está…?

building – el edificio

department – el departamento

facility – la instalación

property – la propiedad

warehouse – el almacén

You can be specific and say:

They’re in the ….room – Están en el cuarto de…

conference – conferencias

copying – copias

mail – correo

storage – depósito

training – entrenamiento

Directions to Departments

You may want to direct your customer or client to a certain department. You can say:

Go to the department – Vaya al departamento de….

administration – administración

billing – contabilidad

customer service – servicio para clients

human resources – recursos humanos

personnel – personal

sales – ventas

Some more departments:

advertising – la publicidad

credit – el crédito

maintenance – el mantenimiento

marketing – el mercadeo

operations – las operaciones

shipping – el transporte

General directions

You will also need to give directions, for example:

It is next to (the)…. – Esta la lado de….

elevator – el ascensor

entrance – la entrada

escalator – la escalera mecánica

exit – la salida

hallway – el corredor

lobby – el vestíbulo

reception desk – la recepción

restroom – el baño

Or you may want to say:

It is near the… – Está cerca de

cash register – la registradora

double doors… – las puertas dobles

front desk – la mesa de recepción

vending machine – la máquina vendedora

water fountain – la fuente de agua

Useful Command Forms

Your Spanish-speaking job can extend over a wide variety of positions. Eventually you will learn the specific vocabulary in relation to your job. It is important, however, to learn certain action words, since in most work settings, commands and instructions are very prominent in job activities. Following are the command forms of some verbs, which it would be wise for you to commit to memory:

Carry – Lleve

Empty – Vacié

Move – Mueva

Pick up – Recoja

Plug in – Enchufe

Pull – Jale

Push – Empuje

Put away – Guarde

Throw away – Tire

Turn – Voltee

Turn on – Prenda

Turn off – Apague

Unplug – Desenchufe

Become more familiar with the company’s organization and products and continue to learn more Spanish. You will be well on your way to progressing in your position and to securing more jobs in Spanish as you become more fluent in the language.