How to Interview for a Job in Spanish

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Preparing for the Interview

You have already submitted your resume, filled out an employment application and probably done a test. Doing an interview in Spanish is no different from going through the process in English. Your employer wants to know the answers to certain questions that may not have been answered in your résumé or application.

Your main goal during the interview is to get the job offer. It is also an opportunity for you to gather information about the company’s needs and the specific position for which you are applying. You will need to ask questions.

The Interview

At this stage of your Spanish studies, you should definitely know how to greet your interviewer and introduce yourself in Spanish. Here are some expressions that will be of further help to you.

The interviewer would probably like to give you a test, if you have not already done one; and he or she wants to explain it to you:

  • Quisiera explicar la prueba: I would like to explain the test.

  • Quisiera saber si está interesado (a): I would like to know if you are interested.

  • ¿Está disponible?: Are you available?

  • Quisiera tener alguna información: I would like to have some information.

  • Quisiera darle la oportunidad: I would like to give you the opportunity.

  • Usted es un buen candidato: You are a good candidate.

  • Quisiera ofrecerle un trabajo: I would like to offer you a job.

If things do not go well, you may hear:

  • Necesita más experiencia: You need more experience.

If things do go your way, you may hear:

  • Quisiera discutir los detalles: I would like to discuss the details.

  • Quisiera verificar estas referencias: I would like to check these references.

  • Quisiera tener una segunda referencia: I would like a second interview.

  • Firme este contrato: Sign this agreement.

What Else Will You Hear?

You may also be asked:

  • ¿Es usted un (una) ciudadano (a) de los Estados Unidos?: Are you a US citizen?

  • ¿Tiene usted una tarjeta de residente permanente?: Do you have a green card?

Now, here are some statements you may want to make and questions you may want to ask:

  • No tengo los problemas médicos: I have no medical problems

  • Yo tengo los requisitos físicos: I have the physical requirements

  • He usado esa máquina: I have used that machine

  • ¿Cuánto pagan?: How much do you pay?

  • ¿Cuándo puedo empezar?: When can I start?

  • ¿Cuántas hora por semana?: How many hours a week?

  • ¿Es tiempo complete o tiempo partial?: Is it part-time or full-time?

  • ¿Cuales son los beneficios?: What kinds of benefits are there?

You Got the Job?!

If you are offered the position, let the interviewer know you accept by saying “Lo acepto” and thank him or her for their time with “Gracias, señor (señora).”