Spanish Words Beginning with K are Borrowed words with a Spanish Twist: a Vocabulary List of Words that Begin With K

Spanish students should find a list of words that begin with k in Spanish easy to master. There are actually very few such words in the language. In Spanish, the k sound is produced by the qu letter combination, in words like queso and quemada. The letter k, along with the letter w, does not occur naturally in the Spanish language. Words that begin with k in Spanish and even words that contain the letter k have their origins outside the Spanish-speaking world.

A List of Spanish Words Beginning With K

The following Spanish words begin with k. Each word is followed by its English translation. In addition, words that have an irregular plural form include this plural. Some of these words will be familiar to Spanish language learners because of their foreign roots. Paying attention to whether nouns are masculine or feminine and noting slight changes in spelling (e.g., kilometer – kilómetro) will help add these words to your working vocabulary.

el kaleidoscopio – kaleidoscope

el kamikaze – kamikaze

el kan – khan

kaput – kaput

el karate or el karate – karate

el/la karateka or el/la karateca – karate expert

el kárdex – file or filing cabinet

el kart (pl. los karts) – kart

el karting – karting (kart racing)

el kartódromo – karting track

la Kenia, la Kenya – Kenya

keniano(a) – Kenyan

el kepis (pl. los kepis) or el kepi – kepi

la kermesse or la kermes – charity fair or kermess

el ketchup – ketchup/catsup

el kilo – kilogram or kilo

la kilocaloria – kilocalorie

el kilogramo – kilogram

el kilometraje – mileage

kilométrico(a) – endless

el kilómetro – kilometer

el kilovatio – kilowatt

el kilovatio-hora – kilowatt-hour

el kimono – kimono

el kinder (pl. los kinders) or el kindergarten (pl. los kindergartens) – kindergarten

el kiosco or el kiosko –stand or kiosk

el kiosquero/la kiosquera – kiosk attendant

el kit (pl. los kits) – kit

el kiwi – kiwi or kiwifruit

knock-out (pl. knock-outs) – knockout

el koala – koala

el kuchen – tart

el Kurdistán – Kurdistan

kurdo(a) – Kurdish

el kurdo/la kurda – Kurd

el Kuwait – Kuwait

Kuwaití – Kuwaiti

Download this list of words that begin with k in Spanish to help you practice this new vocabulary or for some fun language trivia.