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Some Useful Phrases For Doing Business in Spanish

written by: Audrey Alleyne • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 7/15/2014

Spanish is one of the major languages in today’s business world. The power to communicate in this language can be a very valuable asset to anyone considering a career in business. Moreover, being acquainted with specific terms used in business Spanish can open many doors.

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    A Popular Language

    Spanish is rapidly becoming more widely used, both professionally and economically. This article aims at extending your knowledge of Flag of Spain Spanish business phrases by providing some essential vocabulary of terms used in business in general, on the telephone and in business correspondence. Spanish and English share many cognates, so I have not included many words which can be easily guessed. I have tried to concentrate on those which, while they may still be easily recognizable, have a slight twist to their meaning.

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    General Terms

    el apoyo técnico - technical support

    el asociado - associate

    el consultor - consultant

    los contratos - contracts

    redactar un contrato - to draw up a contract

    el gerente - manager

    los materiales - supplies

    las relaciones públicas - public relations

    el seminario - seminar

    la solicitude - application

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    Kinds of Business

    el comercio - commerce

    la compañía - company

    la firma - firm

    la franquicia - franchise

    los seguros mutuos - mutual

    el subsidiario - subsidiary

    el conglomerado - conglomerate

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    Types of Products and Services

    la contabilidad - accounting

    la banca - banking

    la consultoría - consulting

    la exportación - exporting

    la importación - importing

    el mercadeo - marketing

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    The Telephone

    El extensión - extensión

    Diga - Hello

    Con quién hablo -To whom am I speaking

    De parte de quién - Who’s speaking (calling)?

    No cuelgue por favor - Hold the line please

    Puede volver a llamar más tarde? - Could you call back later?

    Le volvere a llamar - I will call back

    Se ha cortado - We were cut off

    No consigo hablar - I can’t get through

    Ahora se pone - He/She is coming

    Está comunicando - It (the line ) is busy

    Quiere dejar algún recado? - Would you like to leave a message?

    Se ha equivocado de número - You’ve got the wrong number

    Esta es el contestador automático - This is the answering machine

    Por favor, deje su mensaje después de oír la señal – Please leave your message after the beep (tone)

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    Muy señor mío - Dear Sir

    Muy señores míos - Dear Sirs

    Muy señora mía - Dear Madam

    Le(s) saluda(n) atentamente - Yours faithfully

    Acusamos recibo de - We acknowledge receipt of

    Con referencia a - With reference to

    Con relación a su carta del 5 de agosto… - Further to your letter of August 5…

    Con relación a nuestra conversación telefónica - Further to our telephone conversation

    Le adjunta…/Le adjuntamos - Please find enclosed