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Summer Vocabulary for Spanish

written by: lwitkop • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 1/5/2012

Increase your Spanish vocabulary with a list of words related to summer, including the summer months, warm weather, summer clothing, sports, vacation-related terms, and popular foods of the season. A vocabulary download is available.

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    When warm weather hits, it's time to brush up on your summer vocabulary for Spanish. The following list will help you learn some important words and phrases for having fun in the sun. After you've read it, download the full Spanish summer vocabulary list for additional practice and handy reference.

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    The Summer Months (Los Meses del Verano)

    Summer – el verano

    June – junio

    July – julio

    August – agosto

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    The Weather (El Tiempo)

    Whether you're enjoying the warmth of the sun or you hate the heat, learn a few words to help you express your feelings.

    Sun – el sol

    Heat – el calor

    It's sunny. – Hace sol.

    It's hot. – Hace calor.

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    Clothing (La Ropa)

    The arrival of summer means it's time to pack away the sweaters and bring out a cooler summer wardrobe.

    Bathing suit/swim trunks – el traje de baño, el bañador, la malla (de baño) or el vestido de baño

    Bikini – el bikini

    Sunglasses – las gafas de sol, los lentes de sol or los anteojos de sol

    T-shirt – la camiseta

    Shorts – los shorts

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    Sports (Los Deportes)

    Warm weather inspires us to head outside for fun activities and friendly competition. There's no better way to work up a sweat.

    To play ______ (a sport). – Jugar al _______

    Baseball – el béisbol

    Volleyball – el vóleibol or el balonvolea

    Basketball – el baloncesto or el básquetbol

    Soccer – el fútbol

    Football – el fútbol americano

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    Vacation (Las Vacaciones)

    Whether you travel far from home, or spend a day at a local park, summer is a great time for rest and relaxation.

    To go on vacation – ir de vacaciones

    To be on vacation – estar de vacaciones

    To travel - viajar

    Suitcase – la maleta

    Day – el día

    Weekend – el fin de semana

    Week – la semana

    Month – el mes

    Family – la familia

    Friends – los amigos/las amigas

    Beach – la playa

    To swim – nadar

    To tan - broncearse

    Suntan lotion – el bronceador

    Camp – el campamento

    To camp – acampar

    Roller coaster – la montaña rusa

    Garden – el jardín

    Firework – el dispositivo or el pirotécnico

    Fireworks – los fuegos artificiales

    Park – el parque

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    Food (La Comida)

    A list of summer vocabulary for Spanish wouldn't be complete without mentioning the distinctive tastes of the season.

    Fruit – la fruta

    Strawberry – la fresa

    Watermelon – la sandía

    Picnic – el picnic

    To go on a picnic – Ir de picnic

    Barbecue – la barbacoa

    Hamburger – la hamburguesa

    Potato chips/fries – las papas fritas

    Ice cream – el helado o el sorbete

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    Alternative translation for weather: el clima

    often translated as climate