Spanish Class: Teach Students Proverbs on Love: For Valentine’s Day or Any Day

Spanish Sayings on Love

Spanish sayings on love are not just for Valentine's Day. You can use them all the year around!

Teach Your Students to Surprise Loved Ones

Spanish sayings on love are not just for Valentine's Day. You can use them all the year around! These sayings offer timeless wisdom and inspiration. Use them to create a fun Valentine's Day bulletin board in your classroom or just spice up your personal communications with some romantic thoughts.

1. El amor es ciego. / Love is blind. Spanish proverb

This universal sentiment shows that we are able to overlook many of the failings of our loved ones because of the blinders affection provides.

2. Amor con amor se paga. / Love is paid with love. Spanish proverb

Similar to the English sayings, "One good turn deserves another" and "You get what you give," this Spanish saying on love shows the importance of giving love and affection in a relationship if we hope to receive it.

3. Te amo sin saber cómo, ni cuándo, ni de dónde. / I love you without knowing how, nor when, nor from where. From Soneto XVII by Pablo Neruda.

Pablo Neruda was famous for his romantic poetry, and this small excerpt describes the mystical nature of love's origins. Who is to say from when or where love blooms?

4. Antes que te cases, mira lo que haces. / Before you marry, look at what you are doing. Spanish proverb

The closest English equivalent to this Spanish saying is "Look before you leap." The advice it offers isn't only applicable to matters of the heart.

5. Mejor solo que mal acompañado. / Better alone than in bad company. Spanish proverb

Anyone who has jumped into a bad relationship immediately after a break-up can understand the importance of this saying. Whether in matters of love or friendship, it's better to go it alone than to settle for something less than you deserve.

6. Amor no respeta ley, ni obedece a rey. / Love doesn't respect the law, neither does it obey the king. Spanish proverb

If you believe that "love conquers all" then you can certainly agree with the parallel idea expressed in this Spanish saying about love. If you're in love, you feel like you'll do almost anything, regardless of the consequences.

7. Querer es poder. / To want is to be able. Spanish proverb

Love can give us incredible motivation and inspire great accomplishments simply because of our desire to do something for the benefit of our beloved or to impress a future novio(a). However, the fact that querer also translates as "to love" in Spanish and poder can also mean "power" offers additional room for interpretation. Anyone who has felt a deep love can understand the feeling of power love can confer.