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German Language Tips: Food-Related Phrases

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 6/30/2014

Learn the German words and have fun whilst visiting a 'Wochenmarkt' or supermarket and cooking a meal.

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    Germany is quite famous for her fresh products markets. Visit a 'Wochenmarkt' or weekly market, mostly held at weekends in the Germany marketplace or 'Marktplatz.' Or else shop in a supermarket. Be aware, that Germany uses the metric system. Here are some measures;

    1 inch = 2.54 cm (Zentimeter)

    1 foot = 30.4801 cm

    1 pound = 453.5 gr

    1 gallon (US) = 3.7853 liters

    1000 gr = 1 kg (Kilogramm)

    500 gr = 1/2 kg or 1 Pfund

    You buy fruit, meat, fish and vegetables by Kilogramm or Gramm.

    1 piece = 1 Stueck (n)

    1 slice = 1 Scheibe (f)

    1 dozen = 1 Dutzend (n)

    Remember also, that shopping trolleys are available at supermarkets, but you need either a 50 cent coin or a 1€ coin to operate them. The money is returned when you return the trolley. Most supermarkets charge between 1 cent and 10 cents for plastic carrier bags. Get a shopping basket for your grocery shopping. Sales tax is included in the price tags and not charged separately at the check out.

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    Shopping and Groceries

    Shopping basket - Einkaufskorb (m)Viktualienmarkt in Munich 

    Shopping trolley - Einkaufswagen (m)

    Groceries - Esswaren (f)

    Market - Markt (m)

    Supermarket - Supermarkt (m)

    Check out - Kasse (f)

    Where is....? - Wo ist....?

    I want.... - Ich moechte....

    Bread - Brot (n)

    Butter - Butter (f)

    Bun - Broetchen (n)

    Ham - Schinken (m)

    Bacon - Speck (m)

    Cheese - Kaese (m)

    Eggs - Eier (f)

    Sausage - Wurst (f)

    Jam - Marmalade (f)

    Meat - Fleisch (n)

    Fish - Fisch (m)

    Chicken - Huhn (n)

    Low fat - fettarm

    No fat - fettfrei

    Oil - Oel (n)

    Fruit - Obst (n)

    Vegetables - Gemuese (n)

    Lettuce - Salat (m)

    Tomatoes - Tomaten (f)

    Onions - Zwiebeln (f)

    Peas - Erbsen (f)

    Beans - Bohnen (f)

    Baked beans - Baked beans

    Tunafish - Thunfisch (m)

    Salmon - Lachs (m)

    Condiments- Gewuerze (f)

    Salt - Salz (n)

    Sugar - Zucker (m)

    Pepper - Pfeffer (m)

    Asparagus - Spargel (m)

    Carrots - Karotten(f)

    Potatoes - Kartoffeln (f)

    Pasta - Nudeln (f)

    Flour - Mehl (n)

    Rice - Reis (m)

    Brown - braun

    White - weiss

    Organic - organisch

    Sauces - Sossen (f)

    Soup - Suppe (f)

    Tin - Dose (f)

    Fresh - frisch

    Frozen - gefroren

    Milk - Milch (f)

    Coffee - Kaffee (m)

    Tea - Tee (m)

    Now that you have all the ingredients, you want to go home and start cooking.

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    Kitchen - Kueche (f)

    Stove - Herd (m)

    Gas or electric? - Gas oder elektrisch?

    Grill - Grill (m)

    I want to cook - ich moechte kochen

    Fridge - Kuehlschrank (m)

    Freezer - Gefrierschrank (m)

    To bake - backen

    Sink - Spuehlbecken (n)


  • For online help pronouncing German words, try LEO, a German translator with pronunciation. Just type in the word you want to hear, and click on the speaker.