Free Chinese Lesson: Listening Exercise

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Free Chinese Lesson: Downloading the Audio File

In order to do this listening exercise you will, of course, need to download the .mp3 file. It is available here.

You will need some decompression program to extract the file as it has been archived as a .rar file. Check out this site for free decompression software.

I personally recommend 7-Zip.

Free Chinese Lesson: New Vocabulary

The exercise begins with a run through of some new vocabulary words which you should be familiar with before you listen to the short monologue.

So at the beginning of the exercise, some more difficult vocabulary words will be read. Keep your eyes on the following list as you listen to the beginning of the MP3 file. Each word will be repeated in Chinese twice.


狗:gǒu (n.): dog

名字:míngzi(n.): name

聊天:liǎotiān (v.): chat

中国:zhōngguó (n.): China

大学生:dàxuéshēng (n.):University student

游泳:yóuyǒng (v. / n.): swim

Free Chinese Lesson: True or False

Once you’ve listened to the short monologue, write whether the following answers are true or false.

In this Chinese listening exercise, you will hear about a young university student introducing herself. Carefully read the following True or False questions.

1. Yong Huan is 32 years old ( ).

2. She is a student at university ( ).

3. In her free time, she enjoys going running ( ).

4. Huan has a small cat, its name is “Honey” ( ).

5. Huan’s pet is in China ( ).

Have a piece of paper handy next to your computer and write down “F” for false and “T” for true for each one of the questions.

In case you’re having a hard time, a written transcript is available in the next section.

Chinese Transcript



Still can’t figure it out? The next section has a pinyin translation.

Pinyin Transcript

Dàjiāhǎo,wǒde míngzì jiào yǒnghuān.wǒ èr shí sān suì.wǒ shì dàxuésheng.dāng wǒ yǒu kòngde shíhòu, wǒ xǐhuān dúshū,yóuyǒng,hé wǒde péngyǒu liǎotiān.

Wǒ yǒu yì tiáo gǒu. tā jiào Honey. Tā xiànzài zài zhōngguó suǒyǐ wǒ hěn xiǎng tā.

If you’re still not sure about the answer, check out the answer key in the next section.

Answer Key

Hello everyone, my name is Huan. I’m 23 years old and I go to university. In my free time, I enjoy reading, swimming and chatting with my friends.

I have a small dog, its name is “Honey”. It is in China however so I miss it a lot.

1. Yong Huan is 32 years old ( F ).

2. She is a student at university ( T ).

3. In her free time, she enjoys going running ( F ).

4. Huan has a small cat, its name is “Honey” ( F ).

5. Huan’s pet is in China ( T ).

Free Chinese Lesson: Requests

If you’d like to have a lesson about a certain topic, please leave a message in the comment below and we’ll do our best to prepare something.