Try Watching Chinese Television to Learn the Language: Online Resources

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Watching Chinese television can be a great way to learn a second language naturally without even studying! Chinese television can improve your Chinese reading, listening, speaking, grammar and pronunciation. This is a good learning strategy whether you are a newbie or advanced student.

If you have a satellite television, you can find Chinese television channels such as CCTV, then go to their website and check out their schedules. The CCTV4 and CCTV9 also have their learning Chinese programs such as快乐【kuàilè=happy】中国【Zhōngguó=China】(CCTV4) and Learning Chinese (CCTV9). Both shows air twice a day, from Monday-Friday or Saturday.

Alternatively, you can watch Chinese television programs or movies in short videos. Find them on YouTube and watch them as often as you need to.

Online Resources

1. If you are a newbie, try watching children or learning Chinese programs first. To improve your speaking skills, try to memorize or repeat simple phrases from the show.

Example 1:

Learn Chinese - Speak Mandarin - BCTV-I want to buy this one

I want to buy this one


我 要 买 这 个。

Example 2:

Learn Chinese - Speak Mandarin - “Basic Verbs”

Sample video sentences:

What do you want?


你 要 什么?

I want coffee.


我 要 咖啡。

I want tea.


我 要 茶。

I want to buy coffee


我 要 买 咖啡。

I want to buy tea


我 要 买 茶。

What do you want to buy?


你 要 买 什么?

What do you like?


你 喜欢 什么?

I like coffee.


我 喜欢 咖啡。

I like tea.


我 喜欢 茶。

Do you like coffee?


你 喜欢 咖啡 吗?

No, I like tea.


不,我 喜欢 茶。

Example 3:

Learn Chinese for Kids绝色【juésè=exceedingly beautiful】中文【zhōngwén=Chinese】免费【miǎnfèi=free】课程【kèchéng=course】

Example 4:

Chinese Cartoon–The Magic Flute

2. Try watching Chinese news/movies you have seen in your language so you can predict the meanings of the words. Then try watching one you have never seen in your language. Here, you don’t have to understand each word or phrase, just focus on general understanding.

3. Most Chinese films use Chinese subtitles that can help you improve your reading skill. At first, you could be not able to read them because it runs quickly, so just try your best. Don’t worry, after a lot of practice, you should be able to read them.

If the subtitles are in your native language this can aid in your understanding. But once you reach an advanced level watch without subtitles for more of a challenge.