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With an estimated 6000 - 7000 languages spoken throughout the world, teaching languages to students is a wide and diverse field. Languages, that Bright Hub Education has a large body of lesson plans for, have been broken into their own individual subjects. Some examples include Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, However, you'll also find many more diverse language lesson plans in this miscellaneous category, including Hindi, Russian, Hebrew and more.

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  • Improve Your Russian Pronunciation: A Lesson
    No matter how well you know a language, you will always sound like a novice unless you master pronunciation. Here are some essential tips for learning to pronounce Russian.
  • Teaching Foreign Language with Sports
    Kids around the world love sports. Although they may speak a different native tongue, their love of play is universal. Educators can harness that common thread to teach their students a new language and culture.
  • Word Derivatives: A Word Game to Reinforce Latin Language Vocabulary
    To be reasonably proficient in a language, the speaker must have command over at least several thousand words. This can be difficult if the vocabulary of the language differs greatly from English vocabulary. Learn an easy-to-play game to reinforce Latin vocabulary lessons.
  • Lesson on Belo Horizonte to Teach Portuguese Adjectives
    Belo Horizonte is a very charming place located in the heart of Brazil. This lesson plan on the remarkable city of Belo Horizonte teaches some rules about the use of adjectives in the Portuguese language.
  • A Portuguese Lesson Plan on Ouro Preto
    Portuguese can be such a complicated language to learn. However, it is easier and more interesting to learn if a context is used to teach the most crucial grammar points. Let's take a look at a lesson plan on the city of Ouro Preto (Brazil) to explain the past tense.
  • Learning the Lakota Language
    The languages of the Native Americans are a rich source of both the history and the culture of tribal peoples. One of the most popular native tribal languages is that of the Lakota. Learn more about the Lakota people and their endangered language here.
  • Learning Hindi Conversational Skills
    Get tips on how to start conversations in Hindi Language. There's a dialogue below to demonstrate the feel of a real conversation. In addition, you'll find a classroom activity that can be incorporated in order to make learning easy.
  • Affectionate Russian Phrases: Tender words in Russian
    Is your lady love from Moscow? Maybe not, but it might be useful to know some Russian love phrases anyway—stranger tidbits of knowledge have come in handy, even if you're not a student of Russian. Here's some tender words in Russian.
  • Learning Hindi: When Love Is In the Air
    Love is universal, just expressed in regional ways. Here we will have a go at learning to say I love you in Hindi. Unlike English, there are several ways in which you can say this in Hindi.
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