Japanese Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12

Japanese is a major world language, spoken primarily in Japan, but also in Hawaii and other countries. Teaching Japanese is a challenging, though worthwhile task. Here, you’ll find lesson plans and teaching tips that will help making the learning process a smooth one for your students. Discover lesson plans spanning from beginning romaji to kanji and both formal and casual speech, as well as information on teaching Japanese reading and writing. You’ll also find activities and games to make the learning process fun. Jump in and get started exploring these resources written by and for teachers.

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  • A Compendium of Basic Lessons for Reading, Writing, and Speaking Japanese
    The goal of learning any foreign language is being able to read, write and speak in that language. To do so, students need to learn about verbs and sentence structures. These lessons and instructional articles on Japanese can help teachers get their students talking!
  • Teaching the Parts of the Body in Japanese
    Teaching a beginner's Japanese class? This is a great lesson for beginner's Japanese: teaching students the Japanese words for human body parts. Includes the kanji and hiragana readings for the different parts of the body.
  • Teaching Haikus: The Japanese Love Poem
    Are you teaching your students about love in Japanese? Why not teach them about haikus, the Japanese love poem? This lesson plan goes over some famous Japanese haikus about love and different exercises to use in the classroom.
  • Love in Japanese Kanji: A Lesson Plan for the Classroom
    When teaching how to say “I love you" in Japanese, why not include the words for love in Japanese kanji? This lesson plan goes over the different words you can use and charts for writing the kanji.
  • Teaching Japanese: Valentine's Day Japanese Language Teaching Tips
    Does your class know the Japanese words for love? Valentine's Day is the right time to teach your students how to say "I love you" in Japanese. This lesson plan goes over the different romantic words in Japanese and exercises that you can use.
  • Teaching the Japanese Past Short Form
    Now that the class has learned the present tense short form in Japanese, it's time to teach them the past tense of this form. This lesson plan goes over the past tense short form for verbs, adjectives and nouns and includes different activities for each.
  • Teaching the Japanese Present Short Form
    Now that the class has a grasp on the Japanese present long form, try teaching the present short form! This lesson plan goes over ways to teach the Japanese present short form for verbs, adjectives and nouns. Also, discuss with your class why the present short form is used.
  • Use Simple Methods on Writing to Compose a Japanese Letter to a Friend
    What better way to practice Japanese writing skills than writing a Japanese letter to a friend? Learn the different ways that the class can do this lesson, what supplies they will need and who they can write a letter to.
  • Practice Japanese Listening: Strategies Using Online Listening Programs, Music, and Movies
    As with any language, listening practice is an important aspect of language acquisition. Teachers can do Japanese listening practice through online programs, music and video.
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