Free Italian Lessons for Kids: Words Associated With School

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La Scuola

In this lesson we will be learning how to teach kids the names of various objects and words associated with school in Italian. With the help of audio files and worksheets, by the end of this lesson children should be able to identify these words in the Italian language.

The Lesson

1. Print out the worksheets associated with this lesson which can be found in the media files. These worksheets will have index cards with the names of school items in Italian and English. Cut along the lines and use these index cards for studying.

2. Have the children find a picture of each item. You can use magazines or newspapers. To get even more creative, have the children draw their very own pictures depicting the objects. As the child studies these cards the visual pictures will help the child memorize the Italian words better. The children will be able to associate the words with the pictures.

3. Set up a room as if it is a schoolroom. Make sure you have mandatory objects such as a ruler, books, pencils, etc. Ask the child to find an object using the Italian word for the object. For instance if you want the child to find the book you can state: “Find il libro”. Repeat each word several times, going back to the ones which the child finds the most difficult.

4. Each day when the child comes home from school ask the child about their day in school. For each new word they have learned have them replace it in their sentence with the Italian corresponding word. Here is an example:

The child would normally say:

  • I lost the book.

The child should say:

  • I lost il libro.

After this lesson the child should be able to distinguish various items and words associated with school in the Italian language.

School vocabulary

1. the book: il libro

2. the pencil: la matita

3. the pen: la penna

4. the school: la scuola

5. the library: la biblioteca

6. the calculator: la calcolatrice

7. the alphabet: l’alfabeto

8. the backpack: lo zaino

9. the computer: il computer

10. the desk: la scrivania

11. the dictionary: il dizionario

12. the eraser: la gomma

13. the exam: l’esame

14. the ruler: la riga

15. the school bus: l’autobus della scuola

16. the stapler: la cutrice

17. the map: la mappa

18. the globe: il mappamondo

19. the bell: il campanello

20. the teacher: l’insegnante