Italian Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12

Get your students excited about learning Italian with these fun and interactive language learning lesson plans and activities. Start with basic Italian vocabulary words and then move up to grammar, reading and writing Italian, as well as ideas for student group work and dialogue. Find fun ideas to teach new content, review material and even practice quizzes and worksheets that are easily adaptable to your class needs.

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  • Teaching Italian: Making the Future Tense Simple
    When teaching your Italian language students the future tense, use this lesson plan for the future simple tense. After this activity, they will catch on in no time.
  • Teaching Reflexive Verbs in Italian
    Are you teaching the Italian reflexive verbs? This lesson plan for teaching the reflexive verbs goes over the different reflexive pronouns and the formation of the verbs.
  • Three Language Learning Activities for the Italian Classroom
    The activities suggested here encourage students to interact by moving around freely in the classroom and talking to one another, so that learning Italian becomes natural.
  • Lesson Plan on Being Polite in Italian
    If you only know a few words of Italian, having the ability to be polite will make those few words go a lot farther because people will appreciate your effort to be courteous and respectful in their language. This lesson focuses on some of these common Italian greetings and courtesy phrases.
  • Italian Words and Phrases for Kids
    Kids love games and stories. Make your class of Italian words & phrases for kids interesting by helping them realize, even before they begin their study of the language, that they already know and use quite a number of Italian words.
  • Teaching the Past Perfect Tense in Italian
    Teaching your students how to form the past perfect tense with Italian verbs is a key lesson. Your students will really catch on if you use this lesson plan and some other suggested activities.
  • Teaching the Future Perfect Tense in Italian
    Now that your students understand the Italian future simple tense, teach them how to form the future perfect tense using Italian verbs. This Italian future perfect tense lesson plan goes over the formation of the tense, when to use it, and a comparison to the future simple tense.
  • Parts of the Body: Teaching Children Italian
    This lesson will consist of teaching children parts of the body in the Italian language. Try these fun activities, worksheets, index cards, and audio files in your classroom.
  • La Famiglia: Family Members Names in Italian
    In this lesson we will look at different ways to teach children the names of the family members in Italian. Children will listen to audio samples as well as use index cards and worksheets to help them grasp this portion of the Italian language.
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