The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane: Practice Quiz & Review Questions

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane: Practice Quiz & Review Questions
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This quiz takes the format of a question followed by an answer and a page number from the hardback copy of the novel. Use this information to review for a test, write an essay, or create a presentation for class. Extended review also allows you to apply what you learned to literary concepts like characterization, conflict, and plot. After completing this review, you will be more than ready to take on whatever questions you’ll find on your quiz or test.

Chapters 1-5

  1. What does Edward think of himself? He thinks himself very fine. (page 8)
  2. How did Abilene receive Edward? Her grandmother, Pellegrina, custom-ordered Edward from France. Abilene received Edward with a full set of custom-made clothes for her seventh birthday.
  3. What upset Edward most about the Rosie affair? Abilene’s mother referred to Edward as “it,” which bruised his ego. (page 16)
  4. Where did the new maid leave Edward after the Vacuum-Cleaner Incident? She stuffed him on the shelf with the other dolls in Abilene’s room. (page 17)
  5. Why does Edward not listen to the conversation at Abilene’s dinner table? He thinks it is dull and chooses not to listen. (page 23)
  6. In the story Pellegrina shares with her granddaughter, what is wrong with the beautiful princess? She loved no one and cared nothing for love, even if many people loved and cared for her. (page 29)
  7. Why does Edward disappoint Pellegrina? Answers will vary. Student may respond Pellegrina could sense Edward’s conceit, his arrogance, and his absence of love for Abilene. (page 35)
  8. How does Edward end up at the bottom of the ocean? He was thrown overboard by Amos, a boy who was also on the ship. He and his brother, Martin, stripped off Edward’s clothes, played catch with him, and accidentally threw Edward overboard. (page 44)

Chapters 6-10

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  1. What was Edward’s greatest concern as he sank to the bottom of the ocean? He wondered if his hat was still on his head and he worried that Abilene still held his pocket watch which he assumed he would need. (page 47-48)
  2. What was the first true and genuine emotion Edward ever experienced? Fear. (page 49)
  3. How did Edward eventually escape the bottom of the ocean? A storm churned the water around him so that he rose up and sank in the water again and again until he got caught in a fishing net. (page 55-56)
  4. How did Nellie receive Edward in her home? She dressed him like a girl, named him Susanna, and talked to him while she baked. (page 67-68)
  5. How does Edward end up at the garbage dump? Lolly shoves Edward into the garbage can and drives him to the dump because she thinks Edward has bewitched her parents. She has heard talk in town that they treat him like a rabbit child and she is concerned. (page 76-78)

Chapters 11-15

  1. What does Edward discover about himself while at the dump? He discovers that he misses Nellie, Lawrence, and Abilene. He wonders if this is what love is. (page 83)
  2. How does Edward feel about being dragged out of the dump? He felt happy to be away from the dump, even if it meant being carried in the slobbery mouth of a dog. (page 88)
  3. How did Edward spend his seven years with Bull and Lucy? They traveled from place to place. Edward listened as Bull told stories and sang songs around the campfires. Other hoboes whispered names of the people they’d left behind into Edward’s ear. (page 95-103)
  4. What does Edward regret when he witnesses how the man with the flashlight treats Lucy? Edward regrets not being able to move himself so that he can defend Lucy from the man with the flashlight. (page 104-105)
  5. How does Edward become separated from Bull and Lucy? The man with flashlight kicks Edward out the open railcar door. (page 105)
  6. After his rescue by the old woman, what job does she give Edward to do? Edward is tied to a pole and told to scare the crows away. (page112)

Chapter 16-20

  1. How does Edward meet Bryce? Bryce is hired by the old woman to work in her garden. Bryce can’t take his eyes off of Edward. (page 117)
  2. Why did Bryce steal Edward from the old woman’s garden? Bryce wanted to give his little sister, Sarah Ruth, a replacement for the china doll their father broke. (page 123)
  3. What’s wrong with Sarah Ruth? She’s very ill. She coughs a lot if she says more than one word at a time. (page 127)
  4. What does Edward experience with Sarah Ruth that he had never experienced before? He’d never been cradled like a baby. The experience of being held so tightly and loved so deeply filled him with warmth. (page 128)
  5. How does Bryce use Edward to entertain Sarah Ruth? Bryce ties twine to Edward’s arms and legs and makes Edward dance while he plays the harmonica. (page 136)
  6. What do you think Edward wishes for when he sees Sarah Ruth’s falling star? Answers will vary. Students might respond by saying Edward wished for Sarah Ruth to feel better. He also might have wished to be with the people he missed. (page 138)
  7. What happens to Sarah Ruth? She stops breathing and dies. (page 142)
  8. Where does Bryce decide to go with Edward? Bryce runs away to Memphis. (page 144)
  9. How does Bryce earn money for food? He plays the harmonica with one hand and makes Edward dance with the other. (page 148)

Chapter 21-25

  1. Why does Neal swing Edward around so that he lands on the counter with a crack? Bryce ordered more food than he could pay for, so he offered to let Edward dance for the money he owed Neal. Neal did not like this idea. (page 158)
  2. Who is waiting for Edward at the house on Egypt Street? Who is missing and why? Abilene, Bull, Lucy, Nellie, Lawrence, and Bryce are all waiting for Edward. Sarah Ruth is missing because she is now a star in the sky. (page 161-162)
  3. Why won’t his friends let Edward use his wings? Although Edward longs to fly to Sarah Ruth’s star, his friends tell him they couldn’t stand to lose him again. (page 164)
  4. Where does Edward wake up? Why is he there? Edward wakes up in Lucius Clarke’s doll shop. He is there to be repaired. (page 167-168)
  5. What price did Bryce pay to have Edward repaired? Bryce had to give Edward to Mr. Clarke because he couldn’t afford to pay for Edward’s repairs. (page 169-170)
  6. The doll in the green dress insists no one would be interested in buying Edward. How does Edward respond to her claim? Edward is not interested in being purchased. He has been loved and he does not want to hope to be loved again. (page 182-183)
  7. What advice does the antique doll offer Edward? She advises Edward to open his heart because someone will come for him. (page 192)
  8. Who is the little girl that finally chooses Edward? She is Abilene’s daughter. (page198)
  9. How is Edward certain Abilene is the woman standing in the doorway holding the umbrella? He knows it is Abilene because she wore his old pocket watch as a locket around her neck. (page 198)

Extended Review

Venn diagram ABC BW

The final questions here provide review for extra help. They are based on literary concepts like characterization, plot, and conflict. It would be a great idea to use graphic organizers while responding to these questions. After each of the following questions, I have listed a suggested graphic organizer.

  • Describe Edward at the beginning of the story. (character wheel)
  • How does Edward change after each human encounter in his life? (sequence squares)
  • What are some of the conflicts Edward faces in the story? What are the causes? (outline)
  • What is the turning point in the story? (plot diagram)
  • Compare the characters Edward encounters to each other. (modified Venn diagram)
  • What does Edward value the most at the beginning of the story? What does he value the most at the end of the story? (T-chart)