Practice Test for “The Witch of Blackbird Pond”: Answers Provided

This practice test provides a helpful review for the book. Answers are provided at the end. Try to answer on your own first for the best results!



Kit Tyler—-Rachel Wood—-Nat Easton—-John Holbrook—-Hannah Tupper

William Ashby—-Matthew Wood—-Judith Wood—-Mercy Wood—-Goodman Cruff—-Prudence Cruff—-Gershom Bulkeley—-Goodwife Cruff

Fill in the blank:

1. The Dolphin’s first mate_________. 2. Reverend and doctor_________________

3. Handicapped daughter____________4. Lived with her grandfather____________.

5. Lived in a house by Blackbird Pond___________. 6. Called young daughter too dumb to learn___________.

7. Expert at carding wool_____________. 8. Eager to learn to read_____________.

9. Unorthodox teacher to the town’s children_______________.

10. Obedient wife__________________. 11. Passionate for the cause of the colonists______________.

12. Unwelcome in the Wood’s house due to political views_______________. 13. Building a fancy house_________________.

14. Longed for finer things________________. 15. Two who saved Kit at the trial__________________.

16. Kit’s main accuser of being a witch_________________. 17. Served as a medical person in the militia______________.

18. Wanted to marry Mercy___________________. 19. Wanted his daughter to go to school____________________.

20. Helped Hannah escape from the angry townspeople________________. 21. Named his boat Witch___________.

22. Unexpected defender of Kit when she was accused of being a witch_____________

23. Visited Kit when she was locked up in the shed________________. 24. Holbrook moved to Wethersfield to study with him____________.

25. First possible bride-to-be for William__________.


  1. 1.Nat Eaton
  2. Gershom Bulkeley
  3. Mercy Wood
  4. Kit Tyler
  5. Hannah Tupper
  6. Goodwife Cruff
  7. Mercy Wood
  8. Prudence Cruff
  9. Kit Tyler
  10. Rachel Wood
  11. Matthew Wood
  12. Gershom Bulkeley
  13. William Ashby
  14. Judith Wood
  15. Prudence and Nat
  16. Goodwife Cruff
  17. John Holbrook
  18. John Holbrook
  19. Goodman Cruff
  20. Kit Tyler
  21. Nat Eaton
  22. Matthew Wood
  23. Rachel Wood
  24. Gershom Bulkeley
  25. Kit Tyler

The Plot


1. Where was Kit living before coming to Wethersfield and why did she move?

2. Write two or three sentences about Matthew Wood and his reaction to Kit moving in with the family.

3. List some of the chores that Kit was expected to do.

4. Why do you think that Kit liked going to visit Hannah?

5. Kit got in trouble for her unusual way of teaching. Compare her teaching style with Mercy’s.

6. List three things that Goodwife Cruff did that upset Kit.

7. Why did Matthew Wood not want Reverend Bulkeley in his home? What changed his mind?

8. William wanted to marry Kit. Do you think the marriage would work? Support your opinion with a few examples.

9. By the end, the couples were: Mercy and John, Kit and Nat and William and Judith. Write a sentence or two about each couple to explain why these couples are matched correctly.

10. How do you think that Kit impacted the lives of the other characters in the book?


1. Kit moved from Barbados where she lived with her grandfather. He died and everything was sold to pay off his debts. Also, she did not want to marry the older man who had helped grandfather.

2. Matthew Wood was a strict Puritan and felt that everyone should do a share of the work. He did not like Kit’s frivolous ways and was concerned that she was a Royalist like her grandfather.

3. Kit had to cook, clean, weed the fields, make butter, learn to card wool, make candles and many other things that she was not accustomed to doing.

4. Hannah was kind and did not judge Kit. She seemed to know what Kit was going through. She listened to Kit and taught her things.

5. Mercy was strict and calm and the children had to sit quietly. Kit allowed the children to role-play stories and move around. They were excited to attend school.

6. Goodwife Cruff was angry that Kit jumped in the water to save Prudence Cruff’s doll. She accused Kit of being a witch. She upset Kit by the way she treated little Prudence.

7. Matthew had exactly opposite views as Reverend Bulkeley about the government of the Connecticut Colony. Matthew finally allowed him in the home to give medical care to his daughter when she became very ill.

8.William could not converse with Kit. He was very strict in his ways and fixated on building a magnificent house. Kit was more of a free spirit and would not have liked the confinement of being his wife.

9. Mercy and John were good, kind and humble. Judith liked the fine things that William could provide. Kit and Nat both loved the sea and a more unstructured life.

10. Kit impacted the town when she showed her kindness to the old woman and to little Prudence. People hopefully learned not to react to gossip. Matthew relaxed in his ways and saw that Kit was not silly and frivolous. He defended Kit because she helped his family when everyone was sick. He saw her true spirit.

How did you do? Hopefully these practice questions have helped you review the book. Click here for a full summary of ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’.