Study Guide Questions on Anne of Green Gables

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Character Study

1. How does the character of Anne change throughout the novel? How does the character of Marilla change? Which one do you think changes more? Explain your answer.

Think about Anne as she is described at the beginning of the book – an imaginative, scatterbrained, idealistic girl. At the end of the book, have any of these aspects of Anne changed? Now think of Marilla at the beginning of the book – especially her attitude towards children in general and Anne in particular. At the end of the book, have any of these aspects of Marilla changed? Which change do you think is greater?

2. Explain how the relationship between Gilbert and Anne changes throughout the book.

Think about the various scenes that affect their relationship – the “Carrots” episode in the schoolroom, Anne’s rescue on the river, the formation of the advanced class, Anne’s feelings of loneliness at Queen’s College, and Gilbert’s sacrifice. How do each of these events change the way Anne and Gilbert view each other?

Plot Study

1. How does Anne view friendship? Do you agree with her view?

Consider Anne’s thoughts about “kindred spirits,” as well as her attitude towards Diana throughout the book.

2. How is Anne’s loss of Matthew different than her loss of her parents? How do the two losses affect her?

Remember that Anne’s parents died when she was very young, to the point where she does not have any memories of them. Then consider Anne’s relationship with Matthew. Practically, how is her life different without her parents around? How is her life different after Matthew’s death?

3. Do you think Anne’s choice at the end of the book was correct? Would you have made the same choice? Why or why not?

Remember that at the end of the book, Anne chooses to stay home with Marilla and give up her dreams of college. Think about the reasons why she makes this choice, including Marilla’s need for her and Marilla’s impact on her life until now. Then consider what she is sacrificing by staying in Green Gables. Which is the more logical choice? Could you see yourself making a similar choice?