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Free Printable Charts and Resources For Homeschool Families

written by: Laura Powell • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 2/8/2012

Did you know that you can print lesson planners, calendars, chore charts, IEP reports, diplomas and so much more from your computer for free? If you're a homeschooling family looking for a way to save money, this article highlights some of the best websites for free, printable resources!

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    Free Resources Help You Save Money!

    In preparation for the new school year I went to garage sales, homeschool curriuculm sales, book sales, and even thrift stores hunting out educational bargains. I found a lesson planner at a garage sale for a couple of dollars, two large maps for ten dollars, and some workbooks for more money, but if I had known about these free, printable resources, I wouldn't have had to buy any of these items! There are so many free calendars, planners, chore charts, worksheets, and even certificates on the internet that you can take advantage of once you know where to find them!

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    Individualized Education Plan For Special Needs Learners

    HOMESCHOOL IEP: This is an I.E.P. for Special Needs Learners from the website has a wide variety of other resources including book reports, book marks, stationary, and even certificates for learning your ABC's, learning to write your name, or loosing a tooth! Check out this site for more free printables for homeschoolers!

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    Maps, Maps, and More Maps!

    Maps From Enchanted Learning: Enchanted Learning is a fantastic website for any educator. The site is located at and has maps of each individual state, maps of America, lots of coloring pages, different countries flags, and much more! Most homeschoolers use maps, and these are free! If you become a subscriber you can 'unlock' many more resources that this website offers.

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    Story Mapping Worksheets

    Resources From Have Fun Teaching: While I don't have a child that is using story mapping yet, the website, is a fantastic resource for English worksheets, creating your own worksheets, K-6 worksheets, graphic organizers, flashcards, and many more types of mapping worksheets. Check them out today!

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    Free Printable Timeline Worksheet

    Timeline Worksheet from Have Fun Teaching: Once again, this website has a great, free resource for homeschoolers. At curriculum fairs timelines can be very expensive to buy. While this one is very basic, it's free, and would make a good worksheet for small projects.

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    Positive Reinforcement Chart

    Resources from The Worksheet Place: The Worksheet place, located on the world wide web at is a super place to find behavior contracts, like the one above, as well as goal setting charts, back to school worksheets, little books, and worksheets on character (like honesty, co-operation, and respect). They also have many educational worksheets in their database as well!

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    Resources from the Homeschool Mom: At you'll find this fantastic lesson planner and menu planner along with large monthly calendars, chore charts, assignment sheets, reading lists and even unit planners. It's a well organized website and has lots of free printable materials for homeschooling families.

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    Other Websites Offering Free Homeschool Resources

    If you're looking for another website for charts is a great place to go. Chart Jungle offers diplomas for every grade level, library book charts, homework charts and much more.

    Another site for free calendars is I've printed out yearly calendars just to have on hand in my office space. You can create your own calendar on this website, or print one of their ready made templates.

    No matter which website you browse, finding free, printable resources makes your homeschooling budget stretch farther. If they have a donation option, and you use their site frequently, you may want to consider donating. The freebies are fantastic, and it's always nice to remember the work website owners put into making these charts, worksheets, and downloadable forms available to the public.