Choosing a Name to Your Homeschool

Formalize Your Child’s Education

Once you have made the decision to homeschool, there are a number of things to consider before you begin the learning journey. Notifying the state, purchasing texts and educational materials, as well as preparing your school environment are all important ingredients to the success of your school. Also of utmost importance is choosing a name for your homeschool.

Make It Real

A seemingly obvious concept, naming your homeschool has a number of psychological benefits for you, and your child(ren). When you provide a name for your child’s school, you offer him or her the ability to sense a true intent on your part to teach, creating an inner sense on his or her part to learn. Moreover, naming your school offers a tangible title to a seemingly intangible idea. For smaller children, this affords them a sense of significance to an abstract concept of learning.

Make It Exciting

When choosing a name for your school, make it an exciting process for the entire family to share. Allow ideas and names from all who will participate in the learning process. This allows your child(ren) to have a sense of involvement when it comes to the name of their school, creating a connection to their school and thus their education. There are a number of ways to create an excitement when it comes to determining a name.

  • Contest: Have your children put names into a hat. Best name wins a prize, and becomes the name of your school.
  • Family and friends choose: One way to let family and friends know of your intent to homeschool is by having them participate in choosing a school name. This allows them to feel a sense of involvement and share in the excitement and journey of learning with you, from the very beginning.

Share the News

Once you have decided upon the name, share your child’s new beginning with supportive family and friends. This announcement will help those unfamiliar with homeschooling recognize your choice. It will also allow your family to share exciting news with those you love.

Practical benefits of a Name

There are a number of additional practical benefits of having a formal name for your home school.

  1. Your child will have a school name when competing in contests, competitions and other events.
  2. You will have a formal name to provide on transcripts, certificates, diplomas and other documents. This name provides a legitimacy to these documents, should you need to present them for future opportunities.
  3. When seeking out college, volunteer or potential job opportunities, your child will have a formal school name to provide to his or her interviewer.
  4. When seeking teacher discounts, you will have the opportunity to provide a specific name for your homeschool, which is required by merchants in many instances.
  5. When investigating college funding, having a formal high school name affords your child an equal opportunity to benefit from potential grant and scholarship opportunities.

Enjoy the Journey

As with all components of homeschooling, the best approach is to cherish the journey. One of the first steps of the educational journey is the name of your school. Choosing a name for your homeschool should mean ccreating a name that suits your family. Take your time and enjoy the process.


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