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Make Lunches Fun: A Homeschool Happy Meal

written by: Alicia • edited by: Donna Cosmato • updated: 3/2/2012

Lunchtime can be more than just a thirty minute break from schooling. It can be a time of fun for both parent and child. Parents can create some happy meals for their children and make lunchtime a surprise.

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    I often take the time in the morning to prepare lunch for my daughter so that I don't have to take too long of a break when I'm homeschooling. If you don't get up early enough in the morning you can always prepare the lunch at night for the next day.

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    by Sophie
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    A happy meal lunch consists of a drink, a sandwich, a side, and a toy. There are several ways you can go with this and some really fun ways you can put it all together. Follow the guide below to create a happy meal for your child.

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    1. Go Shopping

    This doesn't have to be expensive. I get my toys for my happy meals from the dollar store. Once per month I make a trip to the dollar store and pick up a few toys to go in the bag. I don't do happy meals every day. You can choose to do them once per week. Fridays are the best day because you are celebrating the success of another completed week of schooling. If you choose to create the happy meals on Fridays you will need four to five toys for the month.

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    2. Write Quiz Questions ...

    ... on the outside of the brown paper lunch bag. This is a great way to review what your child has learned for the week or a great way to get them to learn some new and interesting facts. If you have ever taken a look at the McDonald's Happy Meal boxes you would have seen the questions and the interesting facts. My daughter loves animals so sometimes I will look up a unique animal and write out a fact about it. Use your child's interests to help guide you in knowing what subjects to find questions on.

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    3. The Healthy Happy Meal

    For a healthy happy meal you will want to use wheat or rye bread with some tuna fish or egg salad. Turkey is the best lunch meat to use if you want to make a sandwich with lunch meat. The best drink is a water bottle with any other type of 100% real fruit juice coming in second. A healthy side could be some carrot or celery sticks with ranch dressing or a piece of fruit. Sometimes I just use a pack of fruit snacks.

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    4. The Regular Happy Meal

    This happy meal is for individuals who aren't concerned about weight. It can also be used as a treat if you have been eating healthy all week. Sometimes I make some homemade hoagies as the sandwich for the happy meal. For a drink a soda can be added. A side could be a bag of potato chips, Cheetos, or corn chips. I don't make this one too much since it can pack on the pounds pretty fast. It is a good treat to have once in a while.

    Put all of the items together and watch how excited your child gets when they open their happy meal at lunchtime.