Seventh Grade Homeschool Curriculum Guidelines and Benchmarks

Seventh Grade Homeschool Curriculum Guidelines and Benchmarks
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There are more subjects that you will be teaching your child at this age. The subjects below are the ones that need to be evaluated for graduation so they are the only ones listed with guidelines. Your child will not fail seventh grade if they get an F in Spanish or Music. Take a look at the guidelines at the beginning of the year so you have an idea what you need to cover. Take another look at the end of the year to make sure your child has an understanding of all the points.


  1. Ability to multiply and divide with ease.
  2. Ability to multiply and divide fractions, percentages and decimals.
  3. Ability to change percentages into decimals and fractions and vice versa.
  4. Ability to create ratios.
  5. Understand integers.
  6. Ability to use graphs and charts and get needed info from them.
  7. Ability to create your own graph or chart.
  8. Understand inequalities.
  9. Ability to measure angles in degrees.
  10. Ability to use a protractor and a compass.
  11. Ability to decipher word problems.
  12. Ability to create word problems.
  13. Full grasp of two and three dimensional shapes.
  14. Begin studying pre-algebra.
  15. Understand a coordinate plane.
  16. Ability to use a calculator to check your work.

Language Arts

  1. Memorize twenty spelling words per week.
  2. Memorize twenty vocabulary words per week.
  3. Ability to identify a plot, setting, character, and conclusion of a story.
  4. Ability to point out important information in a nonfiction book.
  5. Ability to write a rough draft, edit the draft, and produce a final paper.
  6. Ability to write a fiction and nonfiction book report.
  7. Ability to give an oral report with and without charts.
  8. Ability to comprehend what you are reading.
  9. Ability to use proper grammar and sentence structure.
  10. Ability to diagram sentences.
  11. Ability to use a dictionary and a thesaurus.
  12. Ability to write a how to article.
  13. Ability to research topics.
  14. Ability to cite sources.
  15. Ability to produce a fiction and nonfiction story.

Social Studies

  1. Discuss in detail how America began.
  2. Discuss the thirteen colonies and the earliest forms of government.
  3. Discuss the government we have today.
  4. Discuss the political parties that exist and list the general things each one usually stands for.
  5. Understand citizenship and how a person can become a citizen.
  6. Discuss the rights of a citizen and how they can affect the law.
  7. Discuss a time when one citizen was able to get a law changed or create a new law(Megan’s Law, etc.)
  8. Understand the economy and how it works.
  9. Understand recession and depression.
  10. Continue studying geography and be able to list all of the countries in Africa on blank outline.
  11. Discuss the seven wonders of the world and pick one to do a report on. Include pictures.
  12. Discuss technology and how is has helped our economy.
  13. Review pollution and recycling.
  14. Participate in a community service project (collect food and toys for a local animal shelter, etc.)
  15. Review your role in your family.


  1. Ability to conduct a scientific experiment.
  2. Ability to use proper tools to conduct a scientific experiment (be able to read a thermometer to tell the temperature, etc.).
  3. Ability to write a report on the experiment and tell why or why not your Hypothesis was correct.
  4. Understand matter.
  5. Understand energy.
  6. Begin studying the periodic table.
  7. Discuss the elements and their symbols.
  8. Discuss what happens when you combine elements.
  9. Understand force and motion.
  10. Research Newton’s Law.
  11. Continue studying electricity.
  12. Discuss habitats and things that might affect the habitats.
  13. Review the human body and how each of the organs works.
  14. Review the systems of the body (circulatory, respiratory, etc.).
  15. Review the solar system.
  16. Discuss how the moon affects the tides.
  17. Review plants and how they grow.