3 Great Activities for Teaching Letter Recognition to Pre-K & Kindergarten Homeschoolers

Teaching young children letter recognition often becomes a long and difficult process. Kindergarten and Pre-K students can often become confused as they grapple with distinguishing the differences between multiple letters. This task can be made easier by using these three simple and fun home schooling activities: Letters in a Bag, The Matching Game, and Soup Can Shopping.

Letters in a Bag

Letters in a bag is a fun activity to use when teaching young children to recognize the letters of the alphabet. For this activity, all you need is a brown paper sack, index cards, and a marker.

Begin by cutting 26 index cards in half to form squares. Print one letter of the alphabet in uppercase form on each card. Next, print one letter per card in the lowercase form. After you have finished, place them in the bag.

To begin this activity, have your child reach into the bag and pick a letter. Have the child name the letter they picked out and have the child tell you which sound the letter makes. When you first start using this activity, only place a portion of the alphabet in the bag and gradually increase the amount of letters in the bag as your child begins to recognize the letters that where in the bag previously. To extend this activity, have your child match the lower case and upper case letters as they find them.

Matching Game

The Matching Game is a great activity for young students to play. For this game, use the same alphabet cards that were used in the Letters in a Bag activity. As with the previous activity, only use a portion of the letters until your child becomes familiar with them and then gradually increase the letters included in the game.

To play this game, shuffle the alphabet cards well and then place them face down on a table. Have your child pick a card to flip over and then have your child continue flipping over the cards until the child has found the matching letter. For example, if the first card the child picks is an uppercase “A”, have the child choose a second card to try and find the lowercase “a”. If the child does not find the lowercase “a” on the first try, have the child flip over the second card the child had picked and continue choosing until he or she has successfully found the matching card.

Soup Can Shopping

Soup Can Shopping teaches the letters of the alphabet in a fun way, while doing chores we are all familiar with. This activity involves using a selection of soup cans. The grocery store is a great place to find a wide variety of soup cans, or you can combine teaching with cleaning and organizing the pantry.

Have your child go through soup cans and other canned goods, and name the beginning letter and sound on each of the cans. An example of this would be, if you have a Chicken Soup can, they would have to tell you the letter “C” and the sound it makes.

These three home schooling activities can be used to help teach your pre-K or Kindergarten student to recognize the letters of the alphabet, while keeping them engaged and excited about learning.


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