Homeschool Math With Videos, CDs and DVDs: Help for Students When They Need It

Homeschool Math With Videos, CDs and DVDs: Help for Students When They Need It
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Why Math Videos Help

Supplementing homeschool math with videos wasn’t always a widely available option. Instead, parents used a math curriculum textbook

and relied on their own personal knowledge to teach math. Many parents spent hours the day before each lesson, learning ahead of the child so they could present a new math concept. Even when scripted math books became available, they still required the parent to spend an inordinate amount of time in pre-planning for the purpose of teaching a math concept properly. Eventually homeschool curriculum providers began recording math lessons and selling them along with the curriculum, and magic was made. The student received a math lesson the same time the parent received a refresher crash course, enabling the parent to help the student with any math problems they encountered. This has helped to save a great deal of time and stress.

Once it was clear that math videos were a hit, more curriculum providers jumped on the bandwagon of providing video-based math instruction along with written materials. Other curriculum providers supplied interactive video instruction online and by DVD as an integral part of math instruction. In addition, independent teachers and tutors began to flood internet video websites describing how to do different math functions. This means parents are using videos to supplement homeschool math by purchasing videos as a part of their curriculum, purchasing interactive DVDs to teach math or as a form of digital math tutor, and searching the internet for a quick math tutorial whenever it is needed.

Best Videos to Supplement Homeschool Math

There are several effective videos to supplement homeschool math with videos.

Saxon Math Videos: Saxon Math is one of the oldest and leading math curricula available. Saxon has added Saxon Teacher CD supplements to its math instruction, thereby updating the quality of this long trusted curriculum.

Teaching Textbooks: Teaching Textbooks math instruction includes an interactive CD that instructs and reviews incorrect problems and a consumable workbook/textbook. It is known for being very easy to use to the point of allowing students to learn on their own without the help of an adult.

Chalk Dust Company: Chalk Dust Company provides instruction for Basic Math through Calculus in the form of DVDs, textbooks, and solution guides that can be purchased together or separately. The DVDs feature teacher video instruction. The student is instructed to work along with the video, pressing pause it to work out problems on their own. instructs students in Algebra, Calculus, Spanish and English. This is a free online program that uses interactive programming and online testing to teach these subjects.

Brightstorm Math: Brightstorm uses pre-recorded online videos to instruct in pre-algebra through statistics. It is a membership based website that has several different instructors allowing you to choose which teacher you like best. This is a great resource to use alongside your favorite curriculum.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is like an online library for video math instruction. Any time a student is stuck on any math function, he can search the Khan Academy website and get an instant answer to his question.