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There are as many ways parents homeschool as there are reasons for choosing the home education enviroment. Here we explore the teaching methodologies and philosophies behind the homeschool movement, in both secular and non-secular education. All articles are written and vetted by those with experience in homeschooling and in general education, many by former teachers who are now educating their children in their own homes.

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  • Why I Pulled My Son Out of Public School
    I have a lot of beefs with public school - even though some of my good friends teach public school. It's a great place for some kids. However, for my kid, the best place for learning has been at home. Here's why I chose to homeschool my son, and some of these reasons may help you do so as well.
  • Homeschooling Statistics: What Research Reveals About Homeschooling
    How does a homeschooler score on tests compared to traditionally schooled students? How much does an average homeschooling family spend on curriculum? How does a homeschooler fare at college? All these questions, and more, are answered revealing current research on homeschooling families.
  • The Growth of the Homeschooling Movement
    Are you fed up with the state of education today? Many parents are, as evidenced by the rapid growth of homeschooling in the past several years. Today the homeschooling movement is more diverse than ever. Just take a look at some of the statistics.
  • Why Homeschool Kids Are Smarter Than Kids Who Go to Public School
    A Canadian study has shown that kids who are homeschooled are, on the whole, smarter than kids who attend public school. These findings are not surprising, but they do support the decision one will make to homeschool their kids. Learn why you should make the jump to teaching your kids at home.
  • Does Unschooling Present a Viable Education Alternative?
    Unschooling has the reputation for being a lazy option for parents. Although this method is very different from structured home education, unschooling has the potential to provide children with a fine education while encouraging a love of learning. Find out here why some people don't think so.
  • Are You Considering Homeschooling Your Child? Take Our Quiz to Get You Started
    Parents starting to homeschool their child often are told they must pick an instructional method or style. However this approach may add stress to a smooth beginning. Take time to acclimate your breaking away from traditional education. Test your knowledge regarding your homeschool readiness.
  • Begin Homeschooling Your Young Child: A Guide to Help You Succeed
    Perhaps the most important thing to remember when homeschooling a grade school child is to make sure that child has a strong foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, there are other valuable skills grade school children need to master as well. What do you need to do it successfully?
  • Faith in Action: Homeschooling From a Christian Perspective
    When faith is the reason for deciding to homeschool, weave the Christian perspective into every subject. Whether you are going to purchase a curriculum or pull together your own, read further for ideas about how to educate your children in a Christ-centered manner.
  • Seven Considerations Before Choosing the Home School Option
    Children really are the future. There is a growing trend toward homeschooling to provide the very best education. However, there are cons of homeschooling that even the most well-intended parent must over-come. Identifying these obstacles will help in the decision to home school or not.
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