Homeschooling Methodologies

There are as many ways parents homeschool as there are reasons for choosing the home education enviroment. Here we explore the teaching methodologies and philosophies behind the homeschool movement, in both secular and non-secular education. All articles are written and vetted by those with experience in homeschooling and in general education, many by former teachers who are now educating their children in their own homes.

Is Unschooling Getting a Bad Reputation?

Unschooling has the reputation for being a lazy option for parents. Although this method is very different from structured home education, unschooling has the potential to provide children with a fine education while encouraging a love of learning. Find out here why some people don’t think so.

Quiz Yourself: Are You Ready to Homeschool?

Parents starting to homeschool their child often are told they must pick an instructional method or style. However this approach may add stress to a smooth beginning. Take time to acclimate your breaking away from traditional education. Test your knowledge regarding your homeschool readiness.