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Elementary Spanish Curriculum: Three Options

written by: mommyof4 • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 10/2/2012

Students will be able to grasp a second language more easily when they are taught at a young age. Teaching a Spanish curriculum in your homeschool is fun, challenging and rewarding. With the many resources available, it can also be quite successful.

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    Young children can adapt more easily to other language patterns. For instance, English speakers tend to have very flat palates when they speak where as the Spanish language uses more of a loose palate as seen with the Spanish 'RR.' The Spanish 'RR' is pronounced with a rolling or curved tongue, which is quite difficult for most non-native Spanish adult speakers to perfect. For young children though, the Spanish 'RR' is easily accomplished. This allows them to quickly pick up the Spanish language, in which much of is based around the 'RR.'

    If you and your child have decided Spanish is the ideal language to learn there are plenty of options for elementary students.

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    What Elements to Look For

    A great Spanish curriculum will mix a number of elements within it. This should include reading, writing, games, activities, quizzes and other interactive components. Children often get bored very quickly and will stay more focused when offered an interactive challenge. Furthermore, every child is different so one program may be suited for them while another may not. Remember this when preparing to teach your child Spanish and try to find a program that works best for his or her specific learning approach.

    Setting up a Spanish-only area for your child will help them get into the notion of being in a Spanish environment and prepare them for speaking in the language. Emerging your child in a Spanish environment will help them to "live" the learning experience in every aspect possible. To prepare for teaching you should set your mind to determination, remember that persistence will be key and if at first you don't succeed...Keep trying!

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    Popular Curriculum Programs

    Switched On Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish by Alpha Omega:

    This Spanish curriculum has been around for awhile and has some great reviews. It offers a mixed computer based curriculum with components like games, puzzles and songs to keep the kids interested. The course is made up of 5 units which each has their own unique theme based on things like writing and reading comp. Lessons are split into step by step procedures. This program makes teaching easy by including teacher resources like grading and lesson plans that are automated, tests, a calendar and customizable lesson plans. It is listed for grades 3 through 6.

    Bob Jones University Press Elementary Spanish Course:

    This program is listed for Grades 1 through 6. It contains 64 theme lessons based on levels of difficulty. The lessons are split into 3 steps which are intended for 15 minute teachings twice a week. The program package includes an edition for the teacher, puppet, audio CD, books, worksheets and charts.

    Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1, 2 & 3 Homeschool Edition:

    This curriculum is backed by many great references. It is computer based but has additional resources like an audio CD companion for mixed learning. The lesson plan is laid out for a year period in which students are expected to learn a level of Spanish in that time. Testing and reporting are all included in the program as well as printables and a headset. This program also offers 11 different approaches to study so that every child can be matched with his or her individual learning style and needs.

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    Get Into the Spanish Flavor

    One very big part of teaching Spanish is to engulf your child in the culture. Furthermore, if you try mixing the programs up a little instead of basing your curriculum on one program alone, you might just be surprised at the results. Remember, It may take several tries but the rewards will be well worth it. With a little devotion and a little Spanish flavor, your child will be speaking Spanish in no time!