The Laurel Spring School College Prep Program

Laurel Springs School is a program designed for children who are not able to, or choose not to attend regular school. This includes children who are actors or athletes, gifted children, homeschoolers, and those who live far away from a good school. This program provides homeschooling in a structured way which is recognized by the government. The program provides curriculum, as well as online teaching, and thus takes off the burden of teaching from the parents. However, one of the best features of Laurel Springs is the way they prepare students for college and higher education. This article focuses on the various parts of the college placement and preparation services provided by Laurel springs school.


Laurel Springs offer options of both web based courses as well as text based courses. Web based courses provide the child with an online desk which he can use to work and keep track of all assignments. Text based courses are based on textbooks and are available in all the core subjects. These are also an effective tool to prepare for college. Some of these courses can be done online too.

College Placement Services:

Students receive a lot of help and support during their last few years from school in order to prepare them for college. They have a homeroom teacher who is a guide and mentor, and coordinates with all the other teachers. They also provide a lot of training and resources on choosing the right course, career and college. They also provide information on scholarships and help out with applications. The school also offers college and life seminars to prepare a child for future careers.

The Laurel Springs program also offers a premium placement package which will provide a personal mentor to help the child mature and grow personally, as well as academically.

Advanced Placement Courses:

Laurel Springs allows students to take and write exams for college level courses while still in high school. This is very beneficial for students that are gifted and want to pursue higher studies in specific subjects.

Honors Courses:

Honors courses provide a challenging academic environment for students who want to pursue learning in a specific field of interest. The program integrates advanced placement as well as provides teaching on critical thinking and research.


Electives encourage children who are part of the Laurel Springs program to be a part of activities in their community. Students get credits every semester for activities like religious activities, social work and courses in their local college.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Laurel Springs strives to ensure that children do not lose out on any experience that is an integral part of school life. Thus, every year they organize a graduation ceremony as well as a prom for the students who are graduating.

Thus we can see that Laurel Springs is a program that offers a lot of flexibility for students and helps them to pursue their education in a way that works out best for them.