Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Overview of 5 Options

Homeschoolers often choose Spanish for their foreign language studies due to its widespread use. There are some great language curriculum options specifically made for homeschoolers, while others can be adapted for homeschool use.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a popular software for learning Spanish. Homeschoolers choose the program for its ease of use and self-teaching methods. The parent/teacher doesn’t need to know the language for the student to learn it successfully. Rosetta Stone Spanish for homeschoolers includes five levels and a tracking program that multiple family members can use. The program teaches how people learn language naturally, through an immersion-based technique. The downside of the program is the high-cost, though this balances out with families that have more than one student or if the parent chooses to learn as well.


A Bible-based curriculum, LifePac offers Spanish language for high school homeschoolers. The program consists of worktexts for each unit and lesson plans. The program teaches using reading, writing and listening using the texts and CDs. The curriculum has two levels, Spanish I and Spanish II with 10 units each. A teacher’s guide is included. Each course covers approximately one year of Spanish study.

Spanish For Children

Classical Academic Press publishes a homeschool Spanish program called Spanish for Children. The curriculum teaches upper elementary children using DVDs, CDs and books. While three levels are planned, as of fall 2010 only one level is available. Each level will cover approximately one year of Spanish. The program uses a semi-immersion method covering grammar and vocabulary. Teacher knowledge is helpful, but not necessary as the program teaches to the child.


One of the appeals of powerspeak12, formerly Power-Glide, is the multiple levels available. The computer-based curriculum has grade school, middle school, high school and AP level courses. The courses are available in three different formats: just the course, course plus transcript or credit, and course plus teacher and transcript or credit. The program focuses on speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Lessons include grammar and vocabulary.

La Clase Divertida

A more relaxed program, La Clase Divertida consists of four DVDs, CDs, a teacher’s guide, and materials for two students. The set is designed for small classroom use but works as a homeschool Spanish curriculum as well. The program covers 15 lessons for each of the two levels. This curriculum is geared toward grade school kids and probably won’t work well for middle school and up. Each level takes about a semester to complete.


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